symplr Education Series Webinar

How to Build an Effective Risk Management Strategy

How proactive is your organization at assessing risk across the system? Are you confident that your current assessments are complete and built to prevent violations? Do you have the time and resources to appropriately research the regulations, write assessment questions, and meet with department leaders?

Join Lynn Rinehimer, Esq., as she explains how to leverage technology to build an effective risk assessment strategy, taking a deep dive into the evolution of risk assessments in healthcare compliance. Get tangible guidance on defining, conducting, managing, and reporting on risk assessments as well as direction on feedback, suggestions, and best practices. 


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Learning Objectives:

  • Cite at least three reasons why conducting periodic risk assessments is important for healthcare organizations.
  • Identify at least three considerations when defining the risk assessment.
  • Describe the importance of involving senior management and the board in the risk assessment process. 
  • Identify a best practice strategy for managing gaps or issues that are identified during a risk assessment.


Meet The Speaker

Lynne Rinehimer
Lynne Rinehimer, Esq.

Lynne Rinehimer has worked in healthcare compliance and consulting for 22 years. Lynne is the Manager of the symplr Compliance Editors and Sales Engineers. Her role involves managing the written regulatory content for the Risk Assessment in the symplr Compliance product, which helps clients with libraries of healthcare regulatory question sets so that they can administer their risk assessment programs. Lynne also manages the team that provides product demonstrations, and has worked as a healthcare consultant, conducting compliance risk assessments and drafting Compliance Programs for various healthcare organizations. Lynne is a graduate of the University of Maryland and Villanova University School of Law, and is a member of the Pennsylvania Bar Association and American Bar Association.