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symplr Physician Scheduling: Streamlining complex physician schedules for hospitals/health systems for over two decades
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Physician burnout is on the rise

But the contributing factors may not be what you think.

According to a recent study, control over personal workload, lack of teamwork, and a chaotic workplace are key contributors to physician burnout.*

Increased physician burnout can lead to turnover, resulting in more negative strain on healthcare organizations during this challenging economic time.

Estimates of the cost of physician turnover range from $88,000 to $1,000,000.

As healthcare organizations invest in solutions to support their providers, they must consider a solution that can help reduce chaos, improve communication, and optimize provider utilization to minimize burnout and retain staff.

An automated Physician Scheduling solution can address and balance these issues.

As you prioritize your providers’ IT needs, is your organization considering a Physician Scheduling solution?


Invest in a physician scheduling solution to:

Save time
Arm providers with the technology to efficiently manage their schedules anytime, anywhere.
Reduce chaos
By accessing a central source of truth with information that's up-to-date, clinicians and staff can better focus on patient care instead of wasting time finding the right person to fill a shift.
Increase clinical collaboration and satisfaction
Foster better schedule collaboration with colleagues and staff, allowing more time for patients and families.

Scheduling developed by and for physicians

symplr Physician Scheduling can help your team efficiently manage provider scheduling
Use software that supports how you work
Easily manage call, leave, daytime work, and requests using customizable rules to fit your team’s unique needs.
Connect monthly and daily scheduling
Our software integrates both monthly schedules and daily work assignments to better optimize fluctuations.
Simplify the scheduling process
Using symplr Physician Scheduling, staff auto-generate schedules and sync their work schedule with personal calendar apps.
Make time tracking an effortless step
Time Tracking cuts administration time and data management, seamlessly integrating with payroll systems and accommodating complex physician and APRN compensation rules.
Match providers to case demand
With Daily Assignments, monthly schedule data flows into an interface where you create daily work assignments. Match provider supply to case/clinic demand, including OR and clinic scheduling, linking monthly schedules and intraday assignments.
Use a tool created by trusted allies in the field
We developed and maintain our physician scheduling software by tapping into the deep knowledge of physicians with expertise in staffing logistics. It enables you to support your team with confidence and efficiency.

Now is the time to prioritize a Physician Scheduling solution

Request a free custom consultation to see how our SaaS solution streamlines complex physician scheduling processes.

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