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Workforce management built for healthcare's complexities

Integrated timekeeping, scheduling, and workforce analytics to improve collaboration and manage productivity.

Healthcare is complicated, and workforce management is one of the most complicated systems there is. Tracking time and all the pieces involved requires software that can navigate the unique demands of healthcare. At symplr, we are proud to provide healthcare-specific solutions to manage the complexities of timekeeping and scheduling, freeing up nurses to have more time for patient care.

Karlene Kerfoot, PhD, RN, FAAN

Chief Nursing Officer, symplr


Invested in too many disparate systems to manage your healthcare workforce?

To combat workforce shortages, increased labor costs, and other challenges, healthcare leaders are investing in technology.

What they fail to realize…

The use of disconnected systems may exacerbate workforce problems at your organization. According to the symplr Compass Survey, health system leaders are frustrated by working with too many siloed systems.

There's a better way.

Integrated, healthcare-specific workforce management technology helps reduce administrative burden and gives clinicians time back for patient care.

A collaborative and efficient workforce management approach can help your organization retain staff, contain costs, and improve patient care.

Workforce management built exclusively for healthcare

symplr has decades of experience delivering customer outcomes for hospitals and health systems.
Optimize staff, contain costs
Leverage integrated timekeeping and scheduling information to make proactive, data-driven decisions for clinical and non-clinical roles across your enterprise.
Engage and retain staff
Developed to support the way you work, symplr Workforce creates a collaborative, patient-centered approach to managing your entire workforce.
Remain compliant
Navigate complex healthcare regulations and union/organizational requirements by reducing burdens for payroll and other staff, saving time while staying compliant.

Powerful, integrated workforce management

symplr Workforce helps organizations streamline technology and processes through integration and tech enablers. Get mobile access to analytics and actionable data, resulting in increased financial, clinical, and compliance outcomes and improved staff engagement. With an integrated view of hours worked, pay policies, and hours scheduled, symplr Workforce can project upcoming overtime before it happens so you make proactive decisions to contain costs.
Give managers and staff robust, mobile capabilities
Our symplr Workforce app offers managers and staff an integrated mobile experience to proactively manage time, attendance, and scheduling on the go, with smart self-scheduling, the ability to trade shifts and request open shifts, timecard sign-offs, missed clocking alerts, and location mismatch notifications.
Access to real-time data to contain costs and remain compliant
Track and reduce premium pay, unplanned hours, and preventable overtime. Monitor labor and staffing compliance, compare budget to plan to actual staffing to understand real-time adjustments and variances. Identify potential staffing safety risks and ensure employee qualifications by location.
Gain clear, enterprise-wide visibility
Manage all roles, both clinical and nonclinical, across your entire organization to optimize the workforce and reap the benefits of better outcomes in staff retention, compliance, and more.
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Calculate potential gains with the use of symplr Workforce Management

symplr Workforce customers have reported:

  • 50% reduction in time spent managing timecards and schedules
  • 75% increase in the capacity of current payroll team

Enter a few data points into our calculator to get a custom report estimating the potential cost savings of using symplr Workforce Management solutions.

Ranked #1 in Ease of Administration

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What our symplr Workforce customers are saying

At Henry Community Health, we look for solutions that enable us to be agile in our adoption and lower our infrastructure footprint. symplr Workforce, specifically the self-scheduling mobile functionality, has been a game changer for our organization. As a long-standing customer of symplr, the experience migrating to symplr Workforce has elevated us from a vendor/customer relationship to a true partnership. 


CIO, Henry Community Health
symplr is our partner, working side-by-side with us to help us implement workforce solutions as quickly as possible so we can focus on providing high-quality patient care.


Financial Controller, Bryan Health
Having an electronic scheduling system is an efficient solution for our nursing leaders in reducing the manual workload for staff scheduling. In today’s ever-changing healthcare world, the demands of time combined with staffing challenges due to turnover and vacancies necessitates providing efficient and cost-effective tools for our leaders. The Staffing and Scheduling platform was also foundational in developing our 24/7 centralized staffing hub to achieve better workforce management.


SVP and Chief Nursing Officer, Phoebe Putney Health System
The mobile app with the beacon is addressing an issue with staff floating to the correct facility/departments. Having Time and Attendance and Staffing and Scheduling accessed in the same API portal benefits our employees and management staff, as we used to access two different applications. We also have a better picture of the schedules related to possible overtime.


IT Shared Business Services Lead, Genesis Health System
The HRP module provides a way to manage tax settings and benefits settings for employees. Benefits enrollment is very smooth each year. For time entry, we have a mix of salary and hourly employees. The system works well to support everyone who needs to use it. Managing time off also works well. For what it needs to do, it does it well and is reliable.


System Administrator, Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital
The Time & Attendance system is a wonderful product! It's easy to use and offers many features for employees which eliminates some of the work from managers. I also like being able to set some of my own preferences and looking at information that is important to my role. The integration between Scheduling, Time Cards and Attendance tracking is excellent. Our implementation team (12 years ago) was excellent and definitely appreciated their expertise on best practices. Customer Service is wonderful. Most of my questions are answered immediately and if the issue needs to be escalated, the responses I receive are very prompt.



symplr healthcare workforce management

See how symplr can help engage staff and improve clinical outcomes and financial results.


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Meet the symplr Workforce Suite

The symplr Workforce Suite connects scheduling + timekeeping + clinical communications to help you save time, reduce administrative burdens, and streamline role-based communication across your enterprise. Three powerful solutions. One vendor.

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