Access Management Solutions for Healthcare

Manage facility access for every individual, at every point of entry

We help you navigate the complexities of healthcare access management

Effectively manage vendor relationships
You need visibility into vendors’ credentials, onsite and virtual activities, and backgrounds to manage relationships, reduce risk, and ensure compliance.
Facilitate quick and safe visitor access
Make it easy and secure for staff and volunteers to ensure that only those visitors who meet the requirements receive access.
Gain transparency to track trends
To better protect patients, staff, and your organization, you need data-driven insights about vendors and visitors to guide decision making in ordinary and emergency situations.

The software and guidance that enables healthcare operations

Connecting the right, verified people at the right moment can save time, improve outcomes, and ultimately impact lives.
Vendor Credentialing
Make vendor management as simple as possible with software that best fits your needs, using advanced credentialing technology designed to promote a culture of compliance and streamline processes. Gain unmatched visibility into vendor credentials, on-site and virtual activities, and backgrounds so you’re never in the dark when it comes to ensuring compliance.
General Credentialing
Managing safe, compliant access for everyone who makes your hospital or care facility work—from contractors and volunteers to students and translators — is a complex job with a lot at stake, including patient safety. General Credentialing makes it easy for external parties to fully comply with your unique policies and requirements, and efficient for your team to manage relationships, mitigate risks, and stay in compliance.
Visitor Management
Drive safety and policy adherence with a healthcare visitor management system that's simple for volunteers to use, yet robust enough to gather compliance data for your C-suite. Get quick check-ins, customizable functions, and safety measures built-in, with symplr Access. Check in visitors via personal ID, previous visitor search, or through manual registration.
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Enhancing Safety with symplr Access

Discover how Cone Health improved vendor management and patient safety by integrating symplr Access across their network.


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