Minimize violations: Vendor Credentialing Services for Healthcare

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Confidently flag and deny access to vendors or visitors who pose a threat by setting passwords for sensitive departments and limiting visitor numbers. With reliable visitor reporting, you can understand who was in a certain department at any given time.

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Vendor credentialing and visitor management for healthcare

Manage facility access for every individual, at every entry point

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Perform ongoing verifications to maintain compliance

Improve how you monitor the thousands of vendors, contractors, visitors, and others who cross the physical or digital threshold of your healthcare organization. 
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Enforce enterprise or facility-specific rules 

Quickly roll out new policy and policy update information to your vendor population to ensure compliance. Coordinate with compliant vendors to self-serve for checkins and appointment requests.
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Quickly gather data needed for compliance and safety audits

Standard and customized reporting available to help you ace your next audit from an accrediting or regulatory body.

What our customers have to say about symplr Access

What I like best:

Easy to maneuver through the screens, simple dashboards.

What symplr Access helps solve:

Enabling me to use this as a communication tool for our vendors.

John C. Vendor Credentialing Coordinator


What I like best:

I can do orientation and badge my temps in one easy location.

What symplr Access helps solve:

Having verified staff to work in a hospital setting.

Michael W. General Manager


What I like best:

The implementation process was very easy and streamlined and the team was very helpful and cooperative.​​

What symplr Access helps solve:

The ability to screen my facility visitors for the covid vaccination requirements we have set at our facility.​​

Caleb C. Surgical Manager


What I like best:

The simplicity of the device and sign-in process.​​

What symplr Access helps solve:

Has everything I'm needing at the click of a button. ​​

Matt B. Materials Manager