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The DAISY Foundation

Recognizing the extraordinary impact of our nurses



Nurses are the heartbeat of healthcare

symplr recognizes the invaluable role nurses play in healthcare. Their impact across the care continuum is immeasurable, and at symplr, we’re inspired daily by their extraordinary commitment and compassion.

For this reason, we remain dedicated to developing technology and solutions that empower nurses to do what they do best: care for patients and families. Their dedication fuels our mission: “Better Operations. Better Outcomes.”

A proud DAISY industry partner

At symplr, we have had the privilege of working with the DAISY Foundation for many years. We are humbled by the opportunity to affiliate with such an important cause, and proud that so many of our customers honor their nurses with the meaningful recognition the DAISY Award symbolizes.

“DAISY models how meaningful recognition can ignite the passion and compassion that keeps the batteries of our caregivers charged so they can give the extraordinary care that merits the DAISY Award. Our partnership with the DAISY Foundation and with our many customers who are also DAISY Partners aligns us well with what is right and good in healthcare.”

BJ Schaknowski, CEO, symplr


What is the DAISY Foundation?

“We are very careful about the companies we choose to partner with. symplr’s passion for nurses, respect for nurses’ role in patient care, and understanding of the impact of meaningful recognition make them a perfect fit with DAISY’s mission. We are very proud of our longtime partnership with this special company!”

Bonnie Barnes, Co-Founder, The DAISY Foundation



To express your gratitude and join us in celebrating nurses for their positive contributions to healthcare and their unwavering compassion for patients, nominate a nurse here or learn more about the nurse leader award. To learn more about The DAISY Nurse Leader Award, request information here.


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symplr's Chief Nursing Officer Karlene Kerfoot Honored with the DAISY Foundation's Lifetime Achievement Award
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