Solutions for Healthcare Human Resources  

Improve healthcare hiring, retention, training and performance 

Talent management solutions to help healthcare human resources professionals unify insights, streamline processes, and drive continuous improvement for a high-performing healthcare workforce.

The best part of the program is that it’s focused on the healthcare industry. The designers understand the unique needs of healthcare recruitment. The support team is on the job, and very responsive to any questions. The development team is always looking for ways to improve the system.

Greg Yost

CHRO Pacifica Hospital of the Valley

How symplr supports healthcare human resources

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Reimagine talent acquisition

Attract a diverse talent pool, optimize engagement with a candidate-centric experience, and expedite onboarding for faster time-to-productivity. 

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Go beyond recruiting

Proactively nurture talent pools, ensuring a continuous pipeline of engaged candidates ready to meet your organization's evolving needs.

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Hire with confidence

Improve hiring decisions and patient satisfaction with behavioral assessments to quickly find and develop healthcare talent with the greatest potential to succeed. 

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Build high-performing teams

Drive success through data-driven performance management, strategic talent decisions, and focused goal alignment. 

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Grow and retain people

Streamline and manage your healthcare training and education efforts to achieve competency goals. 

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Caregivers for seniors

Source unique senior caregivers, shorten hiring time, empower managers with end-to-end healthcare hiring.

Empower your healthcare human resources team with symplr

Transform the way nursing, healthcare HR, and learning professionals hire, develop, and engage employees across the continuum of care to foster a patient-centered workforce.

CRHO - Recruiting

Drive better patient care and reduce costs with an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) made for healthcare human resources teams

In healthcare, every unfilled position echoes beyond empty patient rooms. It ripples through stretched staff, rising overtime costs, and potentially compromised care. Underqualified hires can further erode patient trust and brand reputation. All this impacts your bottom line. But there's a way to break the cycle.  

symplr Recruiting empowers you to reduce time to fill critical roles, ensuring your organization has the right talent to deliver exceptional care, improve patient satisfaction, and drive sustainable success.  This translates directly to cost savings and a stronger bottom line through reduced reliance on overtime and temporary staffing. 

CRHO - Talent Sourcing

Build stronger healthcare talent pipelines faster with expert guidance

Recruit and build healthcare talent pipelines quickly with expert guidance from our team of healthcare recruitment consultants. Competition for talent in healthcare is already tough, and it’s getting tougher. You’re competing with other industries and facing the challenge of filling roles when 1 in 5 physicians and 2 in 5 nurses plan to leave healthcare.  

symplr Talent Sourcing enables you to proactively source candidates, build pipelines for challenging positions, nurture connections, organize contacts in your database for easy access and communication., and plan for future talent needs before they arise, ensuring a steady stream of qualified candidates. 

CRHO - Assessments

Reduce employee turnover and time spent screening candidates

Saving time for hiring managers is crucial in optimizing resources and minimizing staff turnover. 

According to Frederick Morgeson, Ph.D., Scientific Advisor at Michigan State University, "Hiring managers are not HR professionals by trade. They know it takes a special type of person to work in healthcare, but they may not know how to best evaluate those individuals during the hiring process.”  

With norms crafted specifically for healthcare, symplr Assessments can assist your hiring managers in swiftly identifying compassionate, patient-focused individuals who align well with your organization's culture. 

CRHO - Performance

Improve quality of care by creating a culture of employee development

To drive patient-centered care, you need to provide your staff with learning and development opportunities that promote constant performance improvement. 

In fact, studies have shown that every 1% increase in employee engagement leads to a .33% increase in patient satisfaction. 

symplr Performance makes it easy to conduct effective performance appraisals, create development plans, support employee goals, and provide ongoing coaching to foster the continuous development needed to deliver quality care. 

CRHO - Learning

Improve outcomes with learning management designed for healthcare

Addressing knowledge and skills gaps in your healthcare workforce is not only key to attracting and retaining staff, it’s essential for optimizing patient care and benefiting your bottom line. 

symplr Learning offers a comprehensive Courseware catalog, specifically designed to address these gaps. This extensive library covers a wide range of healthcare topics, ensuring you have the resources to provide ongoing training and development opportunities to improve competencies and close knowledge gaps in your staff. 

You can strategically manage and continuously develop your staff with symplr Learning to meet compliance requirements, protect patients, and optimize care.


CRHO- Hiring 600_600

Transform your hiring to match the growing needs of your senior care facility

Recruiting and hiring for senior living is complicated and time consuming. Today’s recruiters don’t have the capacity to build a talent pipeline that supports patient care and business requirements. 

Nearly half* (49%) of senior care workers report feeling stressed and burnt out, which is the biggest challenge they face. This can lead to staff looking for jobs in other industries, making it harder to fill open positions.  

Specialized senior living software like symplr Hiring streamlines recruitment, selection, and onboarding, ensuring full compliance. Built for and by senior care providers, it supports recruiters, HR representatives, and hiring managers in organizations with a decentralized hiring process. 

*On Shift 2022 Survey Report Workforce Perspectives  

Ranked #1 in Regulation & Compliance

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Look who’s achieving better outcomes with symplr

symplr Recruiting is an excellent ATS for healthcare. It’s super easy to keep track of active candidates, as well as candidates who have applied in the past, as well as serving as a database for future contacts and prior employees.  

Julie Marino

Director of Recruitment, Adfinitas Health
The best part of the symplr Recruiting is that it’s focused on the healthcare industry. The designers understand the unique needs of healthcare recruitment.  The support team is on the job, and very responsive to any questions. The development team is always looking for ways to improve the system

Greg Yost

CHRO Pacifica Hospital of the Valley
We make better hiring decisions with symplr Assessments and expect to retain 28 people within two communities next quarter for a savings of over $70,000 and over $300,000 annually. That's a tremendous return on investment.

Jarene Fluker

Director of Quality and Risk Analysis, Presbyterian Manors of Mid-America
With symplr Hiring, we were able to transform the recruiting and hiring process from a drain on internal resources to one that attracts top talent and lets us do our jobs more effectively.

Bethesda Health Group


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