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Proactively mitigate operational and financial risks across your healthcare enterprise

Powerful workflows and reporting to stay ahead of non-compliance - and the monetary penalties and negative consequences that follow.

Spend 45% less time managing and tracking compliance issues.

"I use the Issue and Action Management module for all of my projects to help track all of the incidents we are working on. symplr makes us much more efficient and saves us time."

COMPLIANCE MANAGER | 10-Location Health System of Federally Qualified Health Centers in the Western U.S.


symplr Compliance empowers you to proactively manage and drive compliance—using one solution

Managing risk and complying with healthcare regulations is hard enough. Add in pressure to contain costs and do more with fewer resources, and the tasks become even more formidable.

Historically, healthcare organizations considered digital compliance solutions as an optional tool in their larger compliance program. Even today, some health systems lack a full-time compliance team or rely on manual processes and disconnected solutions to manage and report on compliance issues. This invites a greater margin for error, provides little or no visibility enterprise wide, and strains resources.

Did you know that health systems must comply with 600+ discrete regulatory requirements and spend roughly $7-$9 million per year on administrative activities associated with compliance?

Navigating compliance using manual processes without a healthcare-specific solution increases your odds of being out of compliance. Health systems that lack proper governance and continue to use multiple, siloed systems or processes face operational inefficiencies, compliance risks, fines, and more.

Creating a culture of compliance is a challenging task. Organizations must shift their current culture, evolve existing processes, and leverage digital compliance capabilities. An effective compliance software solution provides increased efficiencies and helps mitigate compliance risks. symplr Compliance gives healthcare providers a centralized location and streamlined way to protect their organization from reputational damage, ensure alignment across the entire ecosystem, and improve the quality of patient care.

Use one solution to monitor and mitigate risk

Increase transparency in regulatory risk and compliance
Eliminate uncertainty so you can stay ahead of risks that place your organization in jeopardy of patient harm, noncompliance, reputational damage, and financial penalties. Easily pinpoint and prioritize items requiring correction to mitigate the highest risk areas across your enterprise while using your resources most effectively.
Securely report all applications in one suite to manage issues and investigations across your enterprise
Always-on global incident submission and tracking offers round-the-clock, enterprise-wide submissions while tracking the status of an incident with a built-in ticketing system. Use one centralized location to manage any activity, event, issue, or investigation related to your organization’s compliance, audit, and risk activities.
Create, manage, and distribute strictly controlled documentation and policies
Maintain strict document fidelity with version control, revision control, and archiving capabilities. Make the right decisions at the right time with a system that empowers you to create a new document, design templates for your specific document needs, make changes to current policies or templates, or archive a policy that is no longer relevant.

Monitor compliance and automate risk management to make proactive decisions

Issue and Action Management
Oversee any activity, event, issue, or investigation related to your organization’s compliance, audit, and risk activities from a central solution. Elevate the data from the day-to-day management of your compliance program into real-time, actionable information with embedded IBM Cognos reporting. Gain unprecedented visibility into and precise control over critical issues across your enterprise.
Risk Assessment Management
Gain visibility into the risk landscape of your organization and any vulnerabilities with real-time dashboards, regulatory content curated by subject matter experts and attorneys, and built-in reporting. Use your resources most effectively: easily pinpoint and prioritize items requiring correction to drive mitigation of highest-risk areas across your organization.
Document and Policy Management
Create, manage, and store any documents important to your healthcare organization, such as policies and procedures, plans, correspondence, and other documents that represent evidence of your effective risk and compliance program. Maintain strict document fidelity with version control, revision control, and archiving capabilities.
Incident Management
Take proactive control managing incidents across your enterprise, from initiation to resolution. Securely report issues, incidents, or concerns from anywhere at any time. Stay alert with automated status updates as an incident moves through configurable workflows, and notify stakeholders at key milestones, matching your approval process.
Audit Management
Respond both proactively and retroactively to auditors while simultaneously managing multiple rounds of appeals. Track any type of claims-based audit—RACs, MACs, SMRCs, and more—from the first letter to the last appeal, without investing in additional staff. Create custom configurations for every unique audit appeal process to ensure you never miss an appeal-filing deadline.
Survey Management
Use our custom survey tools to document evidence of compliance across your enterprise as a crucial component of your risk-assessment processes. Easily handle large-volume reviews or audits with multi-cycle and multi-iteration processing with no maximum number of users. Anonymous data collection supports a reprisal-free reporting environment, giving you a true picture of your risk.
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symplr Compliance customers experience:

  • 45% less time spent managing and tracking compliance issues
  • 60% reduction in the probability of a compliance penalty or fine
  • 1 reputational damaging incident avoided

Use our value calculator to see what value symplr Compliance could deliver to your organization.

What our customers say about symplr Compliance

Tampa General Hospital is one of the nation’s largest health systems and ranked as the number one hospital in Tampa Bay by U.S. News and World Report. symplr Survey Management has enabled us to effectively measure our workforce’s attitudes and perceptions of compliance across the organization.

The platform allows us to continually ensure regulatory compliance, assess risks, and drive the best patient outcomes possible, which is invaluable for driving success across our organization


Sr. Compliance Specialist, Tampa General


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