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Source and onboard healthcare talent quickly

Use an applicant tracking system specifically designed to meet the challenges of healthcare recruiting. symplr Recruiting delivers a consistent, compliant, and streamlined recruiting process to hire the talent you need, quickly.
symplr Recruiting makes hiring healthcare professionals faster, easier, and more efficient

“The solution was simple for anyone to use and housed all information in one location. Plus, we wanted to engage with a vendor that could grow with our talent management needs, and symplr clearly could.”


Human Resource Director at Tomah Memorial Hospital


Drive better patient care and reduce costs with an ATS made for healthcare

Your ability to quickly fill critical clinical positions with qualified candidates can mean the difference between delivering exceptional care and leaving patients dissatisfied.

Inadequate staff-to-patient ratios often lead to increased costs from filling staffing gaps with overtime or per-diem labor.

Additionally, vacant roles or roles filled with underqualified clinicians can negatively affect your organization’s brand and patient satisfaction scores.

All of these factors have downstream impacts on your organization’s revenue.

symplr Recruiting enables you to streamline your applicant tracking process so you can fill open positions quickly and ensure your organization has the talent it needs to meet critical business and care objectives.

A healthcare applicant tracking system built for the way hospitals and health systems hire talent

Centralize applicant tracking for increased productivity
symplr Recruiting provides easy-to-use features so you can focus on hiring activities instead of navigating complicated software.
Automate reference checking
Our Reference Assessment tool lets you automate the process of gathering references so you can easily collect and review information about candidates’ work history, past performance, and behavior.
Automate onboarding to get new hires started faster
symplr Recruiting’s New Hire Wizard stores email templates and other onboarding documents needed by HR, and the symplr Client Services team will work with you to build any custom forms or other templates at no added cost.
Improve recruiting with talent analytics
symplr Recruiting’s reporting functions make it easy to aggregate and analyze pipeline activity, applicant sources, job postings, filled positions, and more. Plus, dashboards and pre-configured and custom reports deliver and put your Talent Analytics data to work.

Put the power of symplr Recruiting to work for your healthcare recruiting processes

Fill job openings faster with tracking and automation
symplr Recruiting provides a centralized applicant tracking dashboard and automated workflows designed to help you fill job openings quickly and ensure your organization has the talent it needs to meet business and patient-care objectives.
Engage more qualified candidates with mobile
A mobile-optimized application process ensures a great candidate experience from start to finish. Designed to mitigate the headache of lengthy healthcare job applications, candidates have frequent opportunities to save and complete the full application later.
Leverage an integrated talent management platform
Our ATS integrates with our other talent management solutions, giving you visibility to vital performance information, behavioral assessments, and more. This high level of integration helps streamline workflows and facilitates collaboration.
Allow candidates to schedule their own interviews
Cut down on the time recruiters spend coordinating schedules and give candidates the ability to self-serve for interview scheduling. Our ATS includes secure, real-time calendar sync with interviewers’ schedules, so when candidates open the secure connection, they can select from available times to meet with your team.
Incorporate texting to boost candidate response rates
Using email, candidate response rate is just 8%. Text candidates right from our ATS and increase your candidate response rate to 45%.
Use video interviews to assess for fit remotely
Our Video Conferencing feature allows candidates to participate in interviews wherever they are, without having to download extra software. All participants can access a high-resolution, full-screen view from any desktop or mobile device.

Streamline talent acquisition with symplr Recruiting

See how our healthcare ATS can help you save time and make strategic hiring decisions faster. Request a custom demo of symplr Recruiting today.

What our customers say about symplr Recruiting

Excellent ATS for healthcare. It's super easy to keep track of active candidates as well as candidates that have applied in the past, as well as serving as a database for future contacts and prior employees.


Director of Recruitment, Adfinitas Health
The best part of the program is that it's focused on the healthcare industry. The designers understand the unique needs of healthcare recruitment. The support team is on the job, and very responsive to any questions. The development team is always looking for ways to improve the system.


CHRO, Pacifica Hospital of the Valley
Easy to use with great customer service. symplr Recruiting integrates well with our other platforms, also very easy to use and train new users. If we have any issues, the support team is quick to respond and fantastic to work with

Kyle Bachman, Senior HR Recruiter/Recruiting Manager

Goshen Health
Very convenient for organizing candidates, integrates well with Indeed.

Jacob Bentley

Dakavia Management
The software is very easy to navigate. It saves me time when reviewing applicants and hiring applicants.

Heather Engle

Gardant Management Solutions
Well-designed and easy to navigate. Ease of use, the overall design has many functionalities contained within the system making it more productive, and customer support is good.

Laurence Coughlin

Life Care Centers of America
Easy access to user data and quick navigation tools.

Melissa Donahue

Tufts Medicine


Hire Faster, With Confidence
Solution overview
Streamline Talent Acquisition Across the Entire Lifecycle
Background Checking Partners
Enables Recruiters, Hiring Managers to More Easily Evaluate Candidates' Backgrounds

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