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Unite data, insights, and strategy to uncover cost optimization

We help you navigate the complexities of spend management

Uncover untapped savings in your spend
symplr’s spend analytics and monitoring are made exclusively for the healthcare industry. Document spend over time, pinpoint savings opportunities, and prioritize and measure your progress toward spend goals.
Conduct detailed category benchmarking
Experience due diligence done better. Our data is unparalleled with: 1,500+ services categories; millions of data points and growing; and detailed local, regional, and national pricing.
Improve negotiations using proven purchasing strategies
Backed by our expertise, increase your negotiating leverage and strengthen supplier relationships. Eliminate surprises with a fixed fee or a percentage of captured savings.

The software and guidance that enables healthcare operations

Spend management requires a systemic effort

At symplr Spend Management, our dedicated sourcing analyst and advisors are here to complement your decision makers. We analyze your data and pinpoint the categories—like purchased services, med-surg, and capital equipment—with savings opportunities.

Our market insights and spend analytics connect the dots from contract to automated invoice reconciliation. An elegant online dashboard displays insights. Our experienced experts approach every category optimization with a proven methodology including spend analytics, negotiation services, and ongoing monitoring of your spend management efforts. The results: Your savings goals stay on target, and you capitalize on untapped savings opportunities.

Move beyond sourcing as a one-time event

Access unbiased, on-demand data
Get unbiased clinical and GPO-agnostic pricing data for more effective comparison and category analyses, and ultimately more informed decisions.
Make sourcing transparent
Readily show stakeholders your efforts and progress in consolidating vendors, optimizing prices, and tracking off-contract spend and misbilling.
Get a dedicated advisor/negotiator
We complement our supply chain solutions with services designed to support your end-to-end sourcing. Our expert team is with you at each step, expanding your capacity, to achieve your unique goals.


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