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Manage contracts efficiently and compliantly

Manage active and historical contracts, terms, approvals, and expirations for physicians and BAAs, vendors, materials, lease agreements, and more.

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Track compliance and derive value from all contractual relationships 

Contract management is complex, costly, and resource dependent

At any given time, health systems are managing thousands of contracts and subscriptions, each with its own negotiations, approvals, and compliance requirements. 

Protect your organization from risk while recovering value

Without an automated, centralized solution, organizations lack visibility over their entire contract portfolio and risk compliance penalties and contract mismanagement. Contract management in healthcare differs radically from other industries, so a tailored, unique solution is critical to safeguard against risk and preserve resources, ensuring no revenue is left on the table.

The cost of non-compliance is high—but avoidable

Without the right governance and data, organizations open the door to potential fines such as:  

  • $50,000 civil fines and $25,000 criminal fines for violations of the Anti-Kickback Statute. 
  • Business Associates who violate HIPAA may be subject to penalties of up to $50,000 per violation.
  • Stark Law civil penalties can reach up to $15,000, and willful circumvention penalties can be upwards of $100,000. 

Designed and supported by healthcare professionals

symplr Contract provides the tools, insights, and governance needed for efficient contract lifecycle management across your enterprise. Securely store all contracts in a central database, create automated workflows by contract type with configurable approvals, and maintain compliance with ever-changing federal and state requirements.

symplr Contract enables healthcare organizations to:

  • Monitor historical and active contracts or renewals to increase savings and revenue
  • Outline user permissions and assign user types to all users
  • Centrally store all correspondence and other essential documents associated with your contracts
  • Alert contract owners and stakeholders when renewals are coming due
  • Filter contracts by contracting entity, assigned owner, and more

Contract lifecycle management built for healthcare


Easily and efficiently manage contracts

Increase productivity by managing contracts and downstream activities in a single solution. Configurable templates and standardized terms make creating new contracts easy, while alerts for upcoming expirations and renewals protect from unwanted surprises.  


Speed up negotiations and approvals

Streamline contracting processes with built-in tools, like integrated document editing, electronic signature capture, and customizable workflows that decrease delays and missed revenue by alerting key stakeholders of needed action. 

Drive compliance and governance

Mitigate contract-related compliance and financial risks with tailored workflows and user permissions that enforce contract governance. Track providers’ time and activities to their contract terms, keep records of gifts and conflicts of interest, and evaluate vendors on quality and safety standards.

Centralize your entire contract portfolio

An ever-increasing volume of contracts leaves no room for anything to get lost in the shuffle. Store all contracts, policies, and related documents in a single, global contract repository that serves as ​the source of truth for your ​entire organization.


Extract actionable insights

Leverage on-demand contract analytics to identify and resolve downstream contracting and renewal challenges and uncover potential savings opportunities.


Stay laser-focused on healthcare

Use a solution designed for the unique needs of healthcare, built by the professionals who know it best. With pre-configured compliance workflows optimized for healthcare contracting and third party integrations via APIs, symplr Contract is scalable from single clinics to large IDNs.

Better contract compliance tracking starts with symplr

Learn how to increase compliance with additional tools and modules in symplr Contract.

Provider time tracking

Generate custom timesheets based on contract terms and conditions to ensure that your contracted workforce is providing agreed-upon services compliantly.

Pulse check vendor surveys

Create on-demand and scheduled surveys to better manage and evaluate your vendor relationships while reducing vendor-related compliance risks.

Gift alerts

Track all non-monetary compensation received by providers to ensure compliance with the Anti-Kickback Statute and facilitate ease of reconciliation with CMS Open Payments.

Conflict of interest capture

Collect information and report any conflicts of interest on the part of providers, executives, board members, and purchasing agents. Gain visibility into potential conflicts via a user-friendly dashboard.
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Calculate the value symplr Contract would drive for your organization 

On average, symplr Contract customers experience:

     â€˘ 50% reduction in time spent managing contracts

     â€˘ 90% reduction in time spent on reporting  

     â€˘ 60% reduction in probability of a compliance penalty or fine 

Use our value calculator to see how symplr Contract could deliver financial value at your organization.

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What our symplr Contract customers are saying

It would take us at least 8 hours to gather and validate all of the data for our reports. Now we are able to get them done in 2 minutes, and we are able to report each month instead of just quarterly.
4-hospital, 440-bed health system in the Southeastern U.S.
Physician contracting is high risk.

If we pay a physician who doesn't have a contract, or we pay more than the contract allows us to pay, or we pay for something we are not supposed to pay for, the fine would be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. symplr helps us avoid these types of fines.
11-hospital, 1,600-bed health system in the Northeast U.S.
symplr Contract helps us avoid 90% of potential penalties associated with non-monetary gifts to physicians.
39-hospital, 6,000-bed health system in the Midwestern and Southeastern U.S.


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