Healthcare CQS Solutions

A clear path to compliance, quality, and safety

We help you navigate the complexities of healthcare regulatory standards

Confidently manage risk and drive healthcare compliance
Make data-driven decisions amid constant regulatory change with scalable compliance tracking and tools that proactively manage and mitigate risk.
Achieve your desired quality and reimbursement outcomes
Maintain strict control over the quality measures that affect reimbursement using powerful insights into provider performance.
Modernize your approach to patient safety
Empower patients, staff, and providers to foster a culture of safety. Then capitalize on your data and benchmarks to enact improvement plans that promote excellence.

The software and guidance that enables healthcare operations

A safe, high-performing, high-reliability healthcare environment
Midas Health Analytics
Midas helps you take a proactive approach to improving performance and outcomes. It provides a comprehensive suite of solutions that make it easier to manage risk and improve performance all based on a centralized real-time database.  It simplifies data entry, improves the timeliness and relevance of reports, identifies quality improvement opportunities, and streamlines provider performance reviews.
Quality Review
Quality Review automates workflows for peer review and ongoing/focused professional practice evaluation (OPPE and FPPE), giving insight for education and improvement using provider performance data. Our solution provides the comprehensive quality reporting and monitoring that you need for your performance-based provider improvement initiatives—and helps you maintain strict control over the quality measures affecting your reimbursement.
symplr Compliance
symplr Compliance enables healthcare organizations to proactively assess, communicate, and mitigate operational and financial risks across your health system amid changing requirements and protocols. Scalable and cloud-based, our solution produces actionable insights and delivers powerful reporting to stay ahead of risks and issues that could place your organization in jeopardy of noncompliance—and the negative reputational consequences and monetary penalties that follow.
symplr Safety
symplr Safety is a structured, digital event management system built by healthcare safety and compliance experts to capture events and incidents, provide analytics, manage workflows, and monitor safety improvements. Foster participation in safety initiatives and help to build a transparent, blame-free reporting environment to prevent harm.

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