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Governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) affect every part of your organization. Partnering with symplr means you'll get industry-leading software solutions, services, expertise, and support to power holistic GRC across the healthcare spectrum.

The success of your healthcare GRC program is more critical than ever.

Ensure safety and compliance, measure quality and performance, optimize your workforce, credential and enroll providers, and track facility access and security. symplr has you covered across your entire healthcare organization.

Use symplr's suite of GRC solutions to make your on-the-ground teams' lives easier while driving results in the areas that matter most to leadership.

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Drive Holistic Compliance

A safe, high-performing, high-reliability environment is healthcare's ultimate goal. If there's one area to partner with the best, it's here. symplr is renown for helping our customers achieve and maintain enterprise-wide healthcare compliance, risk management, quality, and safety, no matter which regulator or accreditor they follow. Explore our comprehensive Compliance, Quality, and Safety solutions.

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Impact the Bottom Line

Staying focused on the bottom line isn’t easy, especially when leaders are responsible for everything from culture to quality. Value-based care and other changes are transforming the way provider and payer organizations deliver and enable care services. With symplr, you can help your organization ensure optimum reimbursement, contain costs, and successfully navigate change.

Icon_Imrpove Patient Satisfaction

Improve Patient Satisfaction

We understand the imperative for your daily operations to take into account patients’ perspectives of the value they receive from your care and services. From creating patient-centered performance measures to ensuring security through safe vendor and visitor access, symplr's software and services are on the cutting edge of making patients a priority—regardless of a healthcare organization’s type or size.

Icon_Keep Staff Engaged and Happy

Keep Staff Engaged and Happy

Staffing has an enormous impact on employee satisfaction, leading to better engagement and enhanced communication. For the organization, a collaborative approach to staffing and scheduling has long-range, positive effects—including labor cost containment. Apply a balanced outcomes approach to staffing for a win-win. Rely on symplr Workforce to help increase retention and productivity.

Icon_Increase Quality of Care

Increase Quality of Care

Drive high-quality patient care and provider success by maintaining strict control of quality measures like targets, indicators, and benchmarks. With symplr, match quality and performance measures to organizational improvement efforts, and get configurable, consistent, and automated management of the quality of care delivered. Use quality data for continuous improvement to protect your reputation and reimbursements.

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