symplrAI: Authentic Intelligence

AI is everywhere, and the chatter can feel more artificial than intelligent. At symplr, we bring you authentic intelligence – symplr’s combination of established and new AI capabilities. 

Trusted by leaders for more than 30 years, our solutions are found in 97% of U.S. hospitals,
 we're collaborating with AWS to develop specific AI/ML capabilities designed to improve operational efficiency. Want to save time and money?

Come and join us on the journey.

What does AI mean for healthcare?

"If you think about current day-to-day operations in hospitals, there's a lot of manual work. AI has an opportunity to automate that in a lot of creative ways."

- Brian Fugere, Chief Product Officer, symplr


In a world inundated with AI visions, symplr is building authentic intelligence

In the AI frontier, where LLMs, machine learning, and chatbots proliferate, understanding healthcare is paramount in a cloud/AI partner.​

​With three decades of hands-on experience, we've fine-tuned strategies that outpace the rush, enhancing operations in 9 out of 10 hospitals daily.​

Now, in partnership with AWS, the pinnacle of cloud-based AI, we're poised to redefine how health systems operate.

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In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, health systems are constantly seeking ways to stay ahead of the curve. Moving from traditional on-premise solutions to the cloud offers an unparalleled opportunity to harness the power of symplr solutions and sets you up to revolutionize your operations by taking advantage of our AI-driven functionality.

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We're proud to announce symplrAI. 

symplrAI will leverage AI/ML to further simplify healthcare operations. Working with our customers, we’re methodically evaluating a wide range of problems-to-solve to identify high impact uses that enhance our customers’ daily operational experience.

Unlike other vendors who apply AI broadly, symplrAI is focused on reducing healthcare complexity, proactively navigating compliance and ultimately saving clinicians time to provide better patient care.

With over 30 years in healthcare, we're uniquely positioned to solve healthcare's hardest challenges and would love to do that in partnership with you. 

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