Solutions for Nurses

Streamline workforce tasks, improve team collaboration, and ensure patient safety

Free nurses to spend more time on patient care and less time on administrative tasks.

Healthcare is complicated, and workforce management is one of the most complicated systems there is. Tracking time and all the pieces involved requires software that can navigate the unique demands of healthcare. At symplr, we are proud to provide healthcare-specific solutions to manage the complexities of timekeeping and scheduling, freeing up nurses to have more time for patient care.

Karlene Kerfoot, PhD, RN, FAAN

Chief Nursing Officer, symplr


How symplr solutions support the nursing workforce

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Address employee retention and staffing
Create a scalable talent strategy that supports nurses throughout their employee journey, from recruiting and retention to professional development and retirement.
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Prevent burnout

Increase efficiency and reduce administrative tasks for nurse managers, staffers, and direct caregivers by automating workforce processes.

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Close gaps in communication

Improve care team collaboration by streamlining communication and automating workflows to increase the focus on patient care, improving outcomes.

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Bridge internal data silos

Bring your risk, quality, and compliance data together into a single source of truth to improve decision-making and patient outcomes.    

Empower your nursing team with symplr

Give your nursing team the tools to improve workforce processes, team collaboration, and patient care.

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Bring a human element to talent management

Attracting and keeping the right nursing staff requires a human-centered, holistic approach to talent management and software that supports the healthcare industry.

symplr’s Talent Management solutions are the only enterprise HR software designed for healthcare. We understand healthcare’s unique roles and complexities and deliver systems which provide the most effective software, services, content, and data to support the employee journey, from healthcare recruiting to employee learning and development.

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Create empowering work environments to help reduce burnout

Timekeeping, staffing, and scheduling are cumbersome and time-consuming tasks for nurses and nurse managers.

By integrating systems and automating processes with symplr Workforce, nurse managers gain access to real-time data to identify and address issues before they arise.

symplr Workforce also empowers nurses to control their own schedules, which saves time, gives them control over their work-life balance, boosts employee satisfaction, and allows them to focus on patient care.

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Connect and accelerate care teams

Juggling multiple systems to communicate with care teams can not only lead to communication breakdowns and errors – it can have a direct impact on patient outcomes and length of stay.

symplr Clinical Communications streamlines communication, taking a role-based approach that enables care teams to share information securely with the right people at the right time.

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Measure and manage risk, quality, and compliance to improve patient outcomes

The more support nurses get from their organization, the better their performance and the higher the quality of care they deliver. When provider organizations adopt proven, designed-for-healthcare solutions such as Midas Care Management to measure and manage risk, quality, and compliance, you can proactively identify areas for improving performance, patient safety, and quality in your organization.

Nurse managers report spending anywhere from 60% to 80% of their shift on recruiting, staffing, and scheduling.

Time spent performing these administrative tasks leaves little time for training and professional development, which also impacts retention and job satisfaction for both nurses and nurse managers.

Look who’s achieving better outcomes with symplr

The health and well-being of all clinical staff, in particular the nursing staff, is central to ensuring safe, timely, patient-centered, and equitable care.

Deborah Zimmerman, DNP, RN, NEA-BC, FAAN

The DAISY Foundation CEO & President-elect/Chair of the American Organization for Nursing Leadership
A straightforward admission getting a patient from the ER to a hospital bed used to take 3 phone calls and ten to twelve minutes. With Clinical Communications, I can complete the same activity with zero phone calls in about two minutes.

Donna Nolte, MSN, CCRN

Director of Nursing & Support Services, Thomas Hospital

We're commited to giving nurses time back

We recognize the critical role nurses play in the healthcare industry. We joined forces with the DAISY Foundation to launch a captivating video series called "Moments that Matter." This series highlights the extraordinary impact nurses have on patients' lives and the importance of having time to focus on patient care, rather than non-clinical, administrative tasks. Our solutions are designed with clinicians for clinicians to give them time to create Moments that Matter.

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2023 Compass Report 

From Imminent to Urgent: Clinician & IT Alignment in Healthcare Operations 

Our 2023 Compass Report reveals the gap between what clinicians’ and IT professionals' top priorities and challenges are in healthcare operations. It also sheds light on how they can align to improve efficiency, reduce burnout, and enable the best possible patient care. 

Key findings:  

  • 67% of clinicians and 48% of IT pros say their healthcare operations software provides a difficult user experience  
  • 84% of clinicians agree they could redirect more time to patient care if their healthcare operations technologies were streamlined


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