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Workflows for faster provider onboarding

symplr Provider credentialing software helps create a single source of provider data, shrink turnaround times, and shorten revenue cycles—all while prioritizing patient safety.

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Ease data collection burden with automation 

To avoid errors in provider credentialing, medical staff professions (MSPs) may spend months gathering provider data. Credentialing plays a key role in enabling hospitals to deliver on their commitment to high-quality patient care. 

Managing the process today without automation is almost impossible. There are hundreds or thousands of providers in every health system, so there aren't enough hours in the day to manually collect needed information and documents, let alone begin the credentialing process.

One physician earns a facility about $2.3M per year, so each day a provider is stuck in the credentialing process results in tens of thousands of dollars in delayed or lost revenue. Even worse, mismanaged credentialing can lead to patient harm or death, resulting in expensive negligent credentialing lawsuits with lingering impacts on finances and reputation.

Your medical staff services department can streamline the entire provider lifecycle, from initial application to performance monitoring, with symplr software that automates the process.

symplr Provider credentialing software makes data gathering, secure access, reporting, and ongoing compliance less burdensome for providers, credentialing staff, and internal approval committees. Our customers report a 20% reduction in credentialing timelines, including a 50% reduction in committee review meetings.


Your trusted solution to manage provider data 


Get one provider data source

Collect, verify, store, and share provider lifecycle data and documents in one automated, user-friendly hub, resulting in time savings and cost containment.  

Achieve faster reimbursement 

With a built-in payer enrollment module, you can enroll providers with payers and easily track applications step-by-step, to get reimbursed faster.

Easily access primary sources

Leverage automation to gather data from hundreds of primary source and auto-check for expired/suspended licenses, NPDB, DEA, SAM, and more. 

Better manage the full provider lifecycle 

symplr Provider helps your medical staff professionals manage all provider data processes

Expedite the privileging process

Advanced Privileging automates data entry and manages privileging in an electronic format to improve operational efficiency. Providers are credentialed and privileged more quickly, patients treated sooner, and the revenue cycle accelerates. You'll access +9,600 privileges in more than 300 specialties from over 40 trusted sources and can leverage embedded ICD/CPT codes.
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Digitally facilitate review meetings

With Committee Manager, transform traditional committee review by organizing and conducting the provider review process electronically. Not only can you save time and paper, you can also increase participation by offering committee members the flexibility of participating at their preferred time.

Streamline the provider application process

Using Application Manager, gain efficient application management—critical for both successful provider onboarding and re-credentialing efforts. Application Manager allows new applicants to fill out an application online, check application status, and submit data updates in a user-friendly, self-service website.

Get real-time access to your provider data

With Provider Lookup, grant an unlimited number of internal and external system users real-time access to data via the web. With symplr Provider security, you control the data that filtered providers can view, and users can view provider information based on specific permissions.

Auto-confirm license renewal status

Using License Monitor, streamline the maintenance of accurate medical license records by continuously monitoring license expiration dates, ensuring that providers with expired/suspended licenses don't pose risk.

Share provider data at a pre-determined frequency

With Scheduler, generate and deliver documents, reports, and packets from within your database. Send to approved parties on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.
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Calculate potential gains with symplr Provider credentialing software

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What our symplr Provider customers are saying

They recognize the value of our input to other industry professionals and incorporate feedback from the people in the trenches that use their systems day in and day out. symplr Provider products work because they really want to understand where we’re coming from and help us address our issues.

Manager, Medical Staff Services, Medical Education & Graduate Medical Education at a Children’s Hospital and Medical Center

The software is very intuitive. Providers have picked up the use of electronic applications quickly. We went from a full paper process to fully automated and online. The speed and tracking ability is GREAT!

Credentialing specialist

An easy-to-use platform that any user can adapt to quickly.

Operations assistant

Proven credentialing software + CVO services

Experience the combined power of proven provider credentialing software and 400+ CVO specialists with the symplr Credentialing Suite. Gain access to unmatched tools and seasoned experts to expedite provider onboarding, privileging, and payer enrollment—without adding staff.

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Cloud-Based symplr Provider Platform Boosts Timeliness, Accuracy & Efficiency for Southern U.S. Healthcare Organization 

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