Talent Management Solutions for Healthcare

Proven talent management software and solutions to hire, keep, and grow quality talent

We help you navigate the complexities of talent management

Manage talent across the enterprise
Recruiting for a health system is complex and time consuming. We have the technology, expertise, and experience to help you succeed in building and retaining a high-quality workforce.
Get internal parties in sync on staffing issues
We understand how recruiters, hiring managers, learning and development professionals, and compensation specialists must collaborate on a cohesive talent management strategy to build a workforce that grows with healthcare’s many changes.
Foster employee performance and retention
You need to get the most out of your healthcare workforce, whether you're running a hospital, caring for seniors, or placing contingent workers. Our capabilities can help you engage and retain your talent.

Quality talent equates to quality healthcare delivery

Keep a pulse on every facet of your workforce

Effectively identifying, onboarding, and managing talent across your enterprise is the key to achieving the best outcomes—for your patients, staff, and your business. Our decades of experience working in healthcare, senior living, and staffing talent management make symplr the partner you need to move your workforce forward in today’s rapidly changing healthcare environment.

Our innovative approach focuses on customers’ needs and data-driven insights, enabling us to bring a human element to the science of talent management. While our competitors target multiple industries, we are dedicated to healthcare alone—just like you. We understand healthcare’s unique challenges and provide the most effective software, services, content, and data to support your talent acquisition, employee performance, and learning and development initiatives.

When combined with symplr Workforce Management solutions and deep credentialing capabilities, the combined end-to-end Patient Centered Workforce® solution will make it easier to hire, keep, optimize, and grow your workforce.

Rely on a solution built specifically for healthcare

Solve your quality-of-hire issues
Organizations that struggle with quality-of-hire also tend to have lower employee engagement and higher turnover rates.
Modernize your staff appraisal process
Incorporate continuous and peer feedback, making the appraisal experience more useful for managers and employees.
Stem costly staff turnover
Implement a strategy to hire the right people in the first place. Then give all staff an appealing career path.

Verified and Recognized with Industry Awards

Ranked #1 in Regulation & Compliance

G2 crowd category winner for Healthcare HR.


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