Workforce Management | symplr Workforce

Use technology to empower a stronger healthcare workforce and boost cost optimization

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Workforce Management | symplr Workforce

Use technology to empower a stronger healthcare workforce and boost cost optimization

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We help you navigate the complexities of workforce management


Make financially sound, real-time staffing decisions

Improve staff productivity while addressing patient need, for a true patient-centered approach to staffing. Identify and project preventable overtime so managers can address and contain costs.

Give managers and staff the tools to self-serve

To enable collaborative staffing, empower employees with advanced mobile technology for self-scheduling, shift trading, and open-shift management on the go.

Take an enterprise-wide approach to staffing

You need a solution capable of handling both clinical and non-clinical support staff across the organization, for a consistent approach to staffing.

Contain staffing costs while elevating care quality

Rely on a healthcare-specific workforce management solution

Labor costs comprise the majority of your operating budget, making it a primary focus area. Our integrated, enterprise-wide workforce management solutions are designed specifically for healthcare.

They empower you to make data-driven staffing decisions to help contain and manage labor costs, improve productivity, increase staff engagement, and positively affect patient outcomes. Our workforce management solutions and modules include: Time and Attendance, Staffing and Scheduling, ShiftSelect, Patient Classification Solution, Outcomes Analytics, symplr Workforce Mobile App, Low Energy Bluetooth® Technology Beacons, and Series 5000 Time Clock.


A strong workforce management strategy gives you an edge


Support the complexities of healthcare staffing

Our Workforce Management solutions, designed specifically for healthcare, address the complex and dynamic regulatory landscape.

Access the data you need to identify and address labor-related issues

Visibility into key performance information, on-demand, in real-time dashboards helps you mitigate labor cost issues and improve productivity.

Leverage multiple points of data to support your staff and patients

Make data-driven staffing decisions to fully leverage the capacity of your staff and meet the needs of your patients.

Verified and Recognized with Industry Awards

Ranked #1 in Personnel Management

G2 crowd category winner for Medical Staff Scheduling, Healthcare HR, and Enterprise Healthcare HR.

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