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Grow and nurture your talent pipeline

symplr Talent Sourcing allows you to build talent pools and nurture top prospects to maximize hiring results, all while reducing recruiting costs and manual effort.
Manage candidate relationships using recruitment marketing

“symplr Talent Sourcing makes it fast and easy to plan and publicize recruiting events, attract attendees, fill critical positions, and create positive experiences prospective candidates will remember.”


Marketing and Medical Staff Development Director, Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital

symplr talent sourcing

Recruit and build healthcare talent pipelines quickly

Competition for talent in healthcare is already tough and it’s getting tougher. You’re not only competing with other industries, but you’re also faced with filling roles at a time when 1 in 5 physicians and 2 in 5 nurses plan to leave healthcare altogether.

To compete, you need a more effective way to tap into today’s talent. You also need a way to manage relationships with qualified prospects so you can fill vacancies now and in the future.

With symplr Talent Sourcing you can:

  • Proactively source candidates and develop a pipeline for your critical, hard-to-fill positions
  • Nurture connections
  • Organize contacts in your database
  • Plan for future talent needs before they arise

Reach and engage qualified candidates for in-demand roles

Optimize the candidate experience
Get closer to your candidates, build relationships, and grow your talent pool with an optimized experience that goes beyond your competition.
Strengthen your employer branding
Put your brand’s best foot forward while giving candidates all of the information they need to apply for a job or get in touch with you.
Bolster your recruitment processes
Easily manage multiple hiring processes across your organization and collaborate as a team, ensuring no steps are missed.

Improve recruitment marketing outcomes

Grow and nurture your talent pipeline with Talent Network
A branded, mobile-optimized Talent Network allows candidates to express interest in your organization even when a matching opportunity may not be available. As they join your Talent Network, candidates indicate their interests, and when they opt in, they grant permission for you to communicate with them regarding new job openings, career fairs, and other events.
Identify talent across multiple sources
Comprehensive search results allow you to review candidate information easily. Your view can include people already in your Candidate Relationship Management database, as well as profiles of potential candidates from external resume databases. When you use symplr Talent Sourcing and symplr Recruiting together, you can also view and update past applicants' information.
Stay connected with branded nurture campaigns
Email marketing is a powerful tool for engaging with potential candidates. Our templates allow you to execute branded, mobile-friendly campaigns that allow for visibility and consistency when reaching out to candidates. You can also configure settings to automatically email candidates who join your Talent Network or are added to a new job opportunity.
Analyze your sourcing effectiveness
Standardized reports, such as the Source Activity report and the Source to Hire report, offer valuable information to help guide key business decisions and analyze the effectiveness of your current sourcing efforts.

Ready to see your talent pipeline grow?

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Solution overview
Streamline Talent Acquisition Across the Entire Lifecycle
Making the Business Case for Recruitment Marketing
Spend less time sourcing and more time connecting with the right candidates

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