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Safe, compliant facility access at every point of entry

Manage access levels and check-ins for everyone who makes your hospital or care facility work—from vendors and medical sales representatives to volunteers—across every point of entry.

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symplr Access enables safe, compliant facility access to 100,000+ vendors every month

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Do you have 100% transparency to audit who’s in your facility at any given moment?

Manual processes and siloed data expose you to unnecessary risk

Without tested and proven vendor policies and credentialing practices that flex with your organization’s unique needs, it's tough to check every box for compliant, risk-averse healthcare identity and access management.

Compliance risks lead to negative safety and revenue repercussions

Vendors and suppliers—whether on-site, virtual, or hybrid—are an essential part of healthcare operations and delivery. However, healthcare providers are liable for employing or contracting with an OIG-excluded person or entity—risking fines of $10,000 per item or service in violation. 

Can you identify and manage the critical risks surrounding quality care, compliance, reimbursement, value-based purchasing, and most of all, safety?

Access management strategies for all non-employees

Connecting the right, verified people at the right moment can mitigate penalties, save time, improve outcomes, and ultimately impact lives.

Credentials monitoring and custom access levels give you control over your access management strategy. Quick reports help you protect your physicians’ time, stay compliant, and put safety first. With Access, you can manage credentials and check-ins for vendors, medical sales representatives, volunteers…everyone.

Navigate the complexities of healthcare access management

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Securely manage vendor relationships
Gain unmatched visibility into vendor credentials, on-site and virtual activities, and backgrounds so you’re never in the dark when it comes to ensuring compliance. Internet-free check-ins and passes mean reliable, painless access management for all parties involved.
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Minimize violations and meet regulatory requirements
Built-in background checks, OIG screening, COVID-19 declarations, immunizations, and more. Gather the data you need to pass audits and make strategic decisions in under 1 minute. Protect patients, staff, and your organization with data-driven insights, reports, and on-demand dashboards.
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Facilitate quick and safe visitor check-ins
Make access to your facility, staff, and patients seamless and secure. Ensure only guests and visitors who meet security requirements can enter your facility. Quickly flag and deny access to visitors posing a threat, set passwords for sensitive departments, and cross-reference your vendor population at check-in.

Enhancing Safety with symplr Access

Discover how Cone Health improved vendor management and patient safety by integrating symplr Access across their network.

Be in control of your access management strategy

Mobile app for access management
Quickly see who’s on-site and in compliance right from your smartphone. Vendors can check in without internet in under 30 seconds, make appointments via a two-way appointment tool, and update credentials—all within the symplr app.
Automatic background checks
All symplr vendors undergo annual background checks and monthly OIG compliance healthcare exclusion screening at no additional cost, so you can protect your people and ensure ongoing safety compliance.
COVID-19 vaccination reporting
Above and beyond standard credentials, such as immunization monitoring, our COVID-19 reporting provides health systems with built in CMS/CDC weekly reporting capabilities that can be tailored to your unique credentialing requirements.
Reliable compliance dashboards
Remain audit ready with user-friendly, customizable dashboards that give you the data you need instantly. Easily review critical information, including which vendors are on-site, who may be out of compliance, and details on visit history for an audit trail that’s etched in stone.
Credentialing for others that isn’t an afterthought
Compliance requirements aren’t just for reps. Our general credentialing dashboard gives you complete visibility into compliance statuses and data across all credentialed populations, including students and contractors. Quickly see who’s invited, registered, in compliance, and approved for access based on your requirements.
Visitor management that protects your facility
Give clerical staff or volunteers the tools to quickly check in visitors via personal ID, previous visitor search, or manually to collect the information that’s most important to your organization. When combined with vendor credentialing, you can immediately flag vendors attempting to check in through a visitor management terminal and re-route them appropriately for maximum compliance.

See symplr Access in action

Ready to simplify access management for your organization? Schedule your custom demo to discover how symplr Access can help you reinforce safety while mitigating financial and compliance risk.

What our symplr Access customers are saying

symplr’s detailed real-time and historical data allows me to quickly and effectively follow up with the reps when required and helps ensure accountability and transparency...Our staff and vendors are completely committed to the new system and it was the easiest rollout and implementation imaginable. symplr’s ability to implement its vendor credentialing and onboard every vendor in 30 days gave us a sense of security that we’d lacked.

Paul George

Director, Supply Chain, Mount Nittany Health
The mobile app and paperless credentialing make compliance and check-in as easy as possible, maximize our nearly 500 vendor reps’ compliance, and minimize vendor violations.

Chip Geiger

Purchasing Manager, Mercyhealth


Of vendors are detected as non-compliant through our integrated supply chain suite.


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Ensuring Vendor Credentialing Compliance During a Joint Commission Survey
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Vendor Policy Toolkit
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Visitor Policy Template
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Integrate Value Analysis with our Supply Chain Suite

Connected compliance checkpoints ensure you're making accelerated, value-based decisions on new medical devices and technology.

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