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Ensuring Vendor Credentialing Compliance During a Joint Commission Survey

Ensuring Vendor Credentialing Complianc
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While your healthcare organization and the Joint Commission share a similar goal—quality care and patient safety—a visit from the Joint Commission can be a confusing and even intimidating experience.

After years of implementing and optimizing vendor management programs, we've compiled our top strategies to help you keep your vendor program aligned with Joint Commission standards, so you can take the uncertainty out of a Joint Commission visit. 

Strategies to follow

Follow these key strategies outlined in the eBook to ensure a seamless visit from the Joint Commission:

  • What the Joint Commission is and how often surveyors might drop by
  • The primary focuses of the Joint Commission and how those align with your healthcare organization
  • How to utilize symplr technology to quickly demonstrate compliance 
  • How you can enhance your organization's improvement efforts to focus on delivering high-quality patient care

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