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Employee performance that drives better financial outcomes and patient care

Provide your employees with ongoing and learning and development opportunities to help them deliver outstanding patient-centered care with symplr Performance.

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Improve quality of care by creating a culture of employee development

To drive patient-centered care, you need to provide your staff with learning and development opportunities that promote constant performance improvement.

Employee performance directly affects your ability to meet patient care objectives, which in turn can impact your organization’s business, financial, and reputational outcomes. 

In fact, studies have shown that every 1% increase in employee engagement leads to a 0.33% increase in patient satisfaction.   

symplr Performance makes it easy to conduct effective performance appraisals, create development plans, support employee goals, and provide ongoing coaching to foster the continuous development needed to deliver quality care. 


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Performance management that inspires your employees


Develop your talent

symplr Performance enables you to kickstart employee retention strategy at the time of hire via seamless adoption of continuous employee performance management. 

Nurture a culture of excellence

Ongoing feedback helps to increase employee engagement, while scientifically validated assessments help you create development plans. 

Identify tomorrow’s leaders

Plan for tomorrow by identifying your potential leaders today through actionable, trackable development and educational tools. 

Elevate employee outcomes 

Manage performance for ongoing progress

symplr Performance evaluates and tracks employees' performance while providing them with opportunities for learning and development, ensuring your staff are prepared to meet your standards of patient care.

Create clear employee expectations

For employees to be successful, they need to have a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities from the moment they start at your organization. Our software helps you maintain transparency and accountability at every stage of the employee lifecycle.

Encourage collaboration and accountability

Tracking performance over time using symplr Performance enables employees and managers to work collaboratively to identify opportunities for development, and builds a culture of accountability, support, and excellence.

Workforce development for ongoing organizational success

Once an employee’s development opportunities have been identified, our tools help you provide coaching and feedback to make performance management a constructive, continuous process.

Use reporting to improve your performance management process

symplr Performance makes it easy to track and hone in on where performance gaps exist and shows you how to fill them.

Visitor management that protects your facility

Give clerical staff or volunteers the tools to quickly check in visitors via personal ID, previous visitor search, or manually while collecting the information that’s most important to your organization. When combined with vendor credentialing, you can immediately flag vendors attempting to check in through a visitor management terminal, and re-route them appropriately for maximum compliance.

Experience what better performance management feels like

Learn how symplr Performance can help your organization improve quality of care by creating a culture of employee development and excellence.  

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What our symplr Performance customers are saying

Great experience. We use it for managing our system-wide annual training. We have about 700 employees and the system helps to keep us organized so we can ensure compliance at all levels.

Talent and Learning Management Systems Administrator for Crouse Hospital

Great one-stop-shop for all your compliance needs. I enjoy having everything in one place; we can manage our training and documentation. I have not been able to do so on other platforms.

Talent and Learning Management Systems Administrator for Crouse Hospital



Improve Quality of Care by Creating a Culture of Employee Development  

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Hire, Keep, and Grow Your People with symplr Performance

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Crouse Hospital Uses Employee Performance and Learning to Enhance Professional Development

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