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Improve hiring decisions and patient satisfaction with behavioral assessments

symplr Assessments uses behavioral science to help your healthcare organization identify candidates who are compassionate, customer-focused, and most likely to be successful in your organization.

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Reduce employee turnover and time spent screening candidates

Staff turnover is a waste of countless resources, including hiring managers' time. Even before the pandemic, finding the right talent to provide compassionate care in a team environment was a challenge.

In addition to turnover issues, HR teams often perform multiple job roles, so when an employee must be replaced, it takes time.  

According to Dr. Frederick Morgeson, Ph.D., Scientific Advisor at Michigan State University, "Hiring managers are not HR professionals by trade. They know it takes a special type of person to work in healthcare, but they may not know how to best evaluate those individuals during the hiring process.” 

With norms developed specifically for healthcare, symplr Assessments can help your hiring managers quickly identify compassionate, patient-focused individuals who are a good fit for your organization's culture.


Quickly find and develop healthcare talent with the greatest potential to succeed


Measure behavioral competencies

symplr Assessments provides a complete approach for engaging a participant using a behavioral survey, followed by interpretation and action on the results. The initial survey can be administered in-house, through your online application, or via an email invitation. 


Recruit top candidates

Our dashboard was developed to help HR professionals manage large numbers of applicants more efficiently by allowing them to prioritize applicants for further consideration. 

Conduct effective interviews

Structured interview guides offer a consistent interview methodology while helping managers tailor conversations to individual candidates. Staff Assessment provides follow-up behavioral questions to probe areas of improvement to ensure the applicant aligns with the job requirements and is a good fit for the organization's culture.  

Identify developmental opportunities

Each individual's scores are compared to top-performing peers for one of the five Staff Assessment job families. Results can then be used to identify high-potential candidates, or for providing development plans to improve identified competencies of incumbent employees. When used as a development tool, 
Staff Assessment provides development reports with suggested activities, resources, and development plan worksheets.


Assessments to fit your organization

In continuing care, turnover is an issue that wastes countless resources, including the time of hiring managers. In addition, HR teams often perform multiple job roles, so when an employee needs to be replaced, it takes time for HR to make that happen. With norms developed specifically for healthcare, symplr Assessments helps your organization identify individuals with higher compassion and customer focus, who are most likely to be successful in your environment.


Identify and develop leaders

symplr Assessment uses behavioral 
science for leader selection, development, and succession planning with behavior-based interview guides, as well as development reports to address a leader’s greatest areas of 
developmental opportunity.

The advantages of symplr Assessments   

Proven survey with multiple methods

The scientifically-validated survey covers a range of leadership behaviors, takes about 60 minutes to complete, and can be completed online, via an email link, or with a hard copy.

Real-time dashboards

Efficiently manage large numbers of candidates by providing HR leaders with the ability to prioritize candidates for further consideration.

Healthcare-specific competencies and job families

symplr Assessments is designed specifically for the healthcare workforce, with validation based on thousands of participants across key healthcare job families.

Cloud-based technology

symplr Assessments are delivered using proven cloud technology, which means a fast rollout and minimal burden on your IT team.

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What our symplr Assessments customers are saying

symplr Assessments is on point with helping to decide if an applicant is a good fit for the position they are applying for and if they are a good fit for the team.

Conway Medical Center

We make better hiring decisions with symplr Assessments and expect to retain 28 people within two communities next quarter for a savings of over $70,000 and over $300,000 annually. That's a tremendous return on investment.

Presbyterian Manors of Mid-America


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