Executive Leadership

Headshot of BJ Schaknowski, symplr Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

BJ Schaknowski

Chief Executive Officer

Headshot of BJ Jordan Copland, symplr Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Jordan Copland

Chief Financial Officer

Headshot of David Arnold, symplr Chief Legal Officer and General Counsel (CLO)

David Arnold

Chief Legal Officer & General Counsel

Headshot of Heath Foist, symplr Chief Human Resources Officer

Heath Foist

Chief Human Resources Officer

Headshot of Brian Fugere, symplr Chief Product Officer (CPO)

Brian Fugere

Chief Product Officer

Headshot of Jeffrey Peterson, symplr Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Jeffrey Peterson

Chief Technology Officer

Headshot of Joe Remington, symplr Chief of Staff

Joe Remington

Chief of Staff

Headshot of Nicole Rogas, symplr President

Nicole Rogas


Headshot of Kristin Russel, symplr Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Kristin Russel

Chief Marketing Officer


Key Leadership

Headshot of Todd Bennett, symplr Managing Director of Compliance, Quality and Safety

Todd Bennett

Managing Director of Compliance, Quality, and Safety

Headshot of Patrick Birmingham, symplr Executive Vice President, Credentialing Operations

Patrick Birmingham

Executive Vice President, Credentialing Operations

Headshot of Bill Christy, symplr Chief Customer Officer

William Christy

Managing Director of Provider Data Management

Headshot of Austin Dirks, symplr Managing Director of Contract and Supply Management

Austin Dirks

Managing Director of Contract and Supply Management

Headshot of Dion Gee, symplr Chief Information Officer

Dion Gee

Chief Information Officer

Headshot of Mike Vipond, symplr Managing Director of Workforce Solutions

Mike Vipond

Managing Director of Workforce Management