Healthcare Quality and Safety Solutions

Reduce risk, improve patient outcomes, and track quality performance metrics

Enable healthcare organizations to manage risk and improve performance across complex healthcare ecosystems. 

What makes the product so powerful is the ability to connect a wide variety of quality and safety information to so many clinical and demographic attributes for every associated patient encounter.

Lead Reporting Analyst, Midas

Large Health System

Effective quality improvement, patient safety and risk management programs require visibility into risks, consistent processes, and flexible analytics and reporting

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Complete & current visibility

 Silos of data and disconnected workflows hinder risk visibility. Our integrated platform offers clarity and consistency for quality and safety.

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Real time communication

The speed and accuracy of communication can result in life or death outcomes. Give your care teams expedited and seamless communication to eliminate delays or breakdowns in care.

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Right staff, right time

Improve clinical outcomes by verifying clinician credentials and competencies. Identify staffing risks and ensure qualifications by location for safety.

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Assess provider quality

Track and trend practitioner quality to prevent costly credentialing lawsuits and safeguard finances and reputation from lasting damage.

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Capture, remediate, analyze

Establishing a safety culture amidst data overload and disengagement requires standardized workflows. Utilize digital, blame-free reporting for incidents, workflow management, and analytics.

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Embrace effective care tools

Don’t waste time with non-beneficial product evaluations, standardize decisions, and prevent care variation, poor outcomes, and increased safety risks.


Solutions that reduce risk and improve performance and outcomes

Efficiently manage programs, mitigate risk, protect reputation, and align the organization.

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Measure and manage risk, drive organizational performance, and improve patient safety and outcomes

Improve your operational and clinical performance with solutions that manage risk, control cost, and improve the patient and provider experience. Track and trend performance over time, proactively manage and mitigate risk, make data-driven decisions amid constant regulatory changes, and foster a safe care environment for all. 

Midas provides a complete set of enterprise solutions to manage, measure, and monitor everything from quality to patient safety. Bring all your critical data together in one place to drive better quality outcomes, predict the health of your organization, and drive actionable improvements from performance dashboards.  

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Avoid communication breakdowns that negatively impact patients, staff, and the stability of your organization

Seventy percent of adverse events and 30% of malpractice claims are due to poor communication. 

symplr Clinical Communications provides a real-time, unified communications platform that connects each member of the care team, providing a single source of truth for expedited and seamless alerts and information-sharing. Both on shift and on call resources are accessible at a moment's notice.

Product screenshot of symplr Workforce showing employees clocking in and out

Improve productivity and prevent burnout with powerful, integrated workforce management

symplr Workforce helps organizations streamline technology and processes through integration and tech enablers. Get mobile access to analytics and actionable data, resulting in increased financial, clinical, and compliance outcomes and improved staff engagement. 

With an integrated view of hours worked, pay policies, and hours scheduled, symplr Workforce can project upcoming overtime before it happens so you make proactive decisions to contain costs. 

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Build more efficient workflows for faster provider onboarding

To avoid errors in provider credentialing, medical staff professions (MSPs) spend months gathering provider data. Credentialing plays a key role in enabling hospitals to deliver on their commitment to high-quality patient care. 

symplr Provider credentialing software makes data gathering, secure access, reporting, and ongoing compliance less burdensome for providers, credentialing staff, and internal approval committees. Our customers report a 20% reduction in credentialing timelines, including a 50% reduction in committee review meetings. 

Q S - Safety

Capture, analyze, and mitigate safety risks across your healthcare organization

Attempting to build a system-wide culture of safety can be daunting amid mounds of data, disengaged providers, and a lack of standardized workflows. And managing patient safety using manual, siloed methods is not only unsustainable but also risky. 

With $19.5B+ healthcare dollars attributed to medical errors, hospitals can’t afford to operate without the knowledge, tools, and data required to improve patient safety and avoid crippling fines. 

What if you could capture incidents, manage workflows, monitor safety improvements, and provide analytics, all within a digital, blame-free reporting environment? symplr Safety makes it easy to follow up on reported incidents using unique workflows to track events, complaints, or recommendations from original analysis to outcome. 

Q S - Provider Evidence

Make better purchasing decisions for better healthcare operations and outcomes

Reduce time, effort, and wasteful spending on low-value technologies and sub-optimal purchasing decisions. Apply scientific rigor to your research, manage product and technology evaluations faster and more efficiently with thousands of clinical evidence summaries and thorough deep dives that are easily digestible. 

Get full insight through clinical depth and context, fully inform your decisions with a mixture of rigorous evidence appraisals and real-world information from guidelines, payer policies, cost, and competing alternatives. 

Stay up to date on evolving technologies, move forward with confidence with anytime, anywhere, access to the best evidence available, current information, and on-demand custom research from a team of registered nurses. 

Look who’s achieving better outcomes with symplr

Being able to communicate quickly with fewer interruptions has been a big deal. Having doctors on the same platform provides great continuity of care for our patients and with symplr Clinical Communications I can take a quick look at a message and continue my work witho9ut having to stop the task at hand.

Michael Mccoy MD FACOG, Chief Medical Officer

Great River Health
symplr is our partner, working side-by-side with us to help us implement workforce solutions as quickly as possible so we can focus on providing high-quality patient care.  

Regina M. Bergh

Financial Controller, Bryan Health


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