Contingent Talent Management

Enterprise healthcare staffing platform-as-a-service

Highly configurable healthcare recruiting, staffing and business operations ecosystem.

symplr empowers us to optimize our processes and match the market's speed. With symplr's comprehensive technology, we have consolidated our operations with Contingent Talent Management, enhancing business support. Plus, we have developed a great relationship with the team and appreciate their relentless support.

Kelly Borman​

Chief Operating Officer at PRN Healthcare​

PRN Healthcare
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Healthcare only recruiting and staffing platform 

Designed specifically for healthcare staffing’s complexity and risks 

CTM Platform is the all-in-one solution for clinical and non-clinical recruiting and staffing in the healthcare environment.  

  • Applicant and Worker Tracking 
  • Native Credentialing and Compliance 
  • Mobile Workforce and Facility Portals 
  • Configurable and Automated Per Diem Shift Staffing 
  • Travel and Local Contract Recruiting 
  • VMS and MSP technology 
  • Back Office Payroll and Invoicing  
  • Operational and Financial Reporting 
  • Open API/Webhooks 
  • CTM Partner Marketplace 

Helping staffing organizations meet their operational and growth goals:

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8M orders filled

Customizable features and functionalities that delivers order fulfillment ahead of your competitors. 

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$4.8B in services billed

Grow your business with a proven, tenured leader in healthcare staffing software.

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320 active agencies

Our goal is to be the last healthcare staffing platform you ever implement. Proudly owning an average customer tenure of over 14 years, CTM is delivering on that objective.    

Recruit, onboard and manage contingent talent

Applicant and worker tracking
Onboard applicants and manage workers in single, configurable user experience that incorporates the industry's most powerful credential requirements engine that customizes profiles based upon discipline, specialty, and agency business unit. 
Credentialing and compliance
Automate credentialling and compliance throughout the entire life cycle of recruiting, onboarding and staffing workflows. The CTM Platform hierarchical requirement rules engine is healthcare staffing’s most powerful and flexible credentialling tool on the market.
Client and order management
The CTM Platform’s client and order architecture supports the complex configurations necessary to deliver multiple healthcare staffing services to single facilities, VMS/MSP providers and enterprise-level health systems. 
Per diem staffing
Make high-quality placements with less effort through automation and mobile connectivity. Keep caregivers 100% compliant to work at a moment’s notice and configure system to alert qualified caregivers upon entry of every new shift so they can either request or self-schedule on their mobile devices, while utilizing geofenced time collection and approvals. 
Travel and local assignment contracting
Travel and Local assignments have divergent workflows from Per Diem staffing, starting with application process and credentialling for specific positions vs. agency employmentCTM has all the tools necessary to publish pay compensation based upon configurable costs and target margins. An industry leading deal sheet that takes into consideration all aspects of a potential assignment. 
Payroll and billing

CTM offers both gross payroll processing that integrates with any 3rd party payroll processing solution for net check calculation and distribution, or a net payroll solution that will create and distribute net checks from within the platform. 

The CTM Platform’s native VMS technology supports both vendor neutral VMS and primary service MSP provider configuration. Manage subcontractors and assignment them to system configured facility programs.
Integrations and marketplace

CTM is supported by a comprehensive library of APIs and Webhooks that reaches across the entire platform, not just orders and profiles.  CTM’s Marketplace is comprised of certified value-add partnership with plug-and-play integrations.


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