Highlights from the SIA Healthcare Staffing Summit

To maximize resources, healthcare staffing agencies are adopting automation and finding that it streamlines workflows, improves productivity, and boosts job satisfaction among recruiters. Anything that makes staffing processes more efficient and scalable is a win.

So as I attended this year's Staffing Industry Analysts' (SIA) Healthcare Staffing Summit, I reflected on the incredible change that's occurred in staffing since I first attended this summit in 2006. Back then, software vendors in attendance offered solutions that addressed all functions of the agency staffing process. Of course, mobile devices were rare as text messaging was expensive for the recipient, credentialing requirements were managed by spreadsheets and sticky notes, and online applications were just beginning to appear.    

Fast forward to today—16 years later—and:

  • Solutions that didn’t adapt to mobile are no longer in business
  • Text messaging is the number-one means of communication
  • Credentialing and compliance automation is a basic requirement in software solutions
  • Contingent talent management agencies want their vendor partners, like symplr, to reimagine the traditional online application

As technology has improved, the expectations customers had of their CTM software switched from it being seen as a tool to keep up with the competition to being a tool used to notch any advantage. This paradigm change has resulted in driving those vendors who strived to be full-service agency solutions to become full-service healthcare staffing platforms that support a marketplace of specialized solutions. This fact was validated by the number of specialized solutions presenting at the SIA conference, and the ones that dominated the show specialized in recruitment marketing. 

Recruitment marketing is the process of passively attracting, or proactively finding, new talent.

Loosely defined, recruitment marketing is the process of passively attracting, or proactively finding, new talent. The passive solutions build search engine optimized careers sites, publish open positions to multiple job boards and social media channels, conduct web search advertisement campaigns, and employ other marketing devices designed to attract new talent against a published position.   

The proactive vendors use position data stored in an agency’s staffing platform to conduct AI searches across multiple online databases and present matching candidates' results as new talent not currently in their staffing platforms. Using platform APIs, the agency can import the "found" candidates into their platform for further processing toward a filled position. 

The benefit of choosing a recruitment market specialist is they are not distracted by other needs of the entire healthcare staffing platform. This focus allows them to build deeper feature sets and stay on the leading edge of recruitment marketing innovation. They key is to find one that can easily integrate with a staffing platform that focuses the business of running a staffing and recruiting operation. 

symplr CTM’s recruitment marketing strategy is to partner with such experts so our customers get the benefit of the latest in recruitment marketing and staffing platform functionality.  

We choose all of our partners using two criteria

  1. Do they have the robust APIs and Web hooks to facilitate seamless integration with our robust integration structure?
  2. Do they have a co-customer philosophy in supporting an integration?  

The latter is, in many cases, more important than the former. Co-customer partners don’t push customers to their partners to solve problems or improve the product, even when the issue lies solely with one partner. They take responsibility to work together to create the best solution and best product regardless of which entity needs to do the work. 

symplr's CTM brings these values to our customers: 

Contingent Talent Management from symplr orchestrates key healthcare staffing processes to help you with productivity gains and process improvements. Learn how to use symplr Contingent Talent Management and automate your processes to get better results today. 

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