How Agencies Adopt Business Process Automation In Contingent Staffing

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Is your contingent staffing agency optimizing resources so people cover the tasks that require human intervention? If so, you can let technology do the rest.

The contingent staffing journey is powered by several processes that require basic, frequent, and repetitive tasks to be completed correctly and in a timely manner. However, these tasks can be frustrating for staffing teams, who are forced to spend too much time working below their skills and expertise. To free up time for your recruiters to focus on more complex, situational, and people-oriented needs, orchestrate the tasks using automation.     

Consider these typical, must-have staffing responsibilities: 

  • Conduct background and reference checks 
  • Send offer letters and onboarding information 
  • Re-enter data from one system to another 
  • Verify signatures and other required items
  • Interpret and manage compliance requirements across your entire customer base 

Each of these responsibilities is a routine effort. Automating them to the extent possible completes the tasks faster and more accurately, increases consistency, and frees up recruiters for more high-touch and strategic work.

To maximize resources, more CTM agencies are adopting business process automation in contingent staffing and finding that it streamlines workflows, improves productivity, and boosts job satisfaction among recruiters. In a previous blog, we discussed just how essential relationship-building is; that high-touch and strategic work done well can give your organization a leg up on many of your competitors.  

5 automation improvements for HR 

Originally, automation in contingent staffing was applied to single and simple tasks. Today innovation like that delivered by symplr CTM has made it possible to connect discrete tasks to end-to-end processes and aggregate data across systems. The results are better data monitoring, analysis, and better-informed decision making. 

CTM automation generates productivity and process improvements across the healthcare HR organization including: 

  • Application  
  • Credentialing and testing 
  • Onboarding 
  • Integrations with managed service providers and vendor management systems 
  • Staffing and payroll 

4 ways to save time and money using contingent talent management automation  

Anything that makes staffing processes more efficient is a win. Automation makes it possible to scale performance improvements across the entire HR department, multiplying the bottom-line impact. Your agency can adopt automation in these four ways to achieve superior results: 

  1. Reduced errors and error correction. Because automation pulls previously entered data directly from the application, keying errors are dramatically reduced. When an error is detected and fixed, the correction is automatically stored in the database as the new source of truth, and the entire workflow benefits. 
  2. Less duplicate work and time spent searching. Shifting disparate processes and users to a single, coordinated application, HR team members avoid duplicate tasks and data entry. Along with faster collection and verification of data, increased organization of the data associated with job requisition and fulfillment makes it easier to comply with labor and compensation laws. 
  3. Faster processing. Automated solutions continuously monitor status, autofill forms, prepare reports, and send reminders faster than manual efforts. For example, a recruitment marketing tool makes it easy to track candidates and fill positions fast. 
  4. More efficient communication. Automation that allows you to send reminders, emails, and texts enables self-service opportunities for applicants to get updates, schedule appointments, and complete forms without interacting with HR staff unless they have a question or problem. 

While automation was originally applied to single and simple tasks, innovations have made it possible to connect discrete tasks into end-to-end processes. By aggregating data across discrete processes, staffing agencies benefit from better monitoring, analysis, and insights to inform decision making. 

Contingent Talent Management from symplr orchestrates key healthcare staffing processes to help you with productivity gains and process improvements. Learn how to use symplr Contingent Talent Management and automate your processes to get better results today. 

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