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Fast, accurate credentialing and payer enrollment services

Reduce your administrative burden and get providers in front of patients faster with symplr CVO. We’ll handle your credentialing, payer enrollment, and licensure applications while ensuring full compliance.
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+7 million applications successfully processed each year

Our NCQA-accredited and certified credentials verification team has decades of experience. The result: zero failed applications.

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Overcome your staffing challenges, onboard physicians faster, and speed up the revenue cycle

Under tight operating margins, staffing challenges, and inefficient credentialing and payer enrollment processes, many healthcare organizations are focused on delivering more work in less time.

The backlog of work has always existed, and while it might be growing, it's not something most organizations are capable of addressing with current resources.

But the backlog and inefficient processes have real downstream effects on the bottom line, operating margins, patient safety, and provider satisfaction.

symplr CVO provides flexibility to address your backlog and scale your credentialing and enrollment processing power. You can choose to delegate your entire provider credentialing and enrollment workstreams, or just a portion of them. Our experts work alongside you to support your team with complete, unmatched visibility into our processes.

Take the stress out of credentialing and expedite enrollment with confidence

Realize revenue faster
Our team’s ability to accelerate credentialing and enrollment processes means you'll successfully onboard providers significantly faster, so they’ll start delivering care to patients sooner, which means a faster revenue cycle. It also means less patient leakage, because patients will rapidly find the providers they need within your system.
Get 100% transparency into provider statuses
Track enrollment and credentialing progress through regular reporting, or view access into one of symplr's Provider Management platforms. You get access to a live portal that we continuously update with notes and statuses of every application for real-time visibility.
Shorten the licensure application process
There’s no uniform, nationwide process for multistate licensure, making it overly complex, especially for telehealth services. We know how to quickly and expertly navigate each state’s requirements.

Cover all your credentialing needs with a proven partner

Primary source verification services
symplr's Primary Source Verification Services team supports the full provider lifecycle from initial credentialing process through the regular recredentialing process. We can also provide ongoing sanctions monitoring, monthly expirables management, and application management. Regardless of the accrediting body, state, or federal agency whose regulations your organization must adhere to, we can help streamline and safeguard the primary source verification process.
Payer enrollment services
Our payer enrollment team processes more than 3 million applications per year and we have zero failed applications. We have never failed to enroll a qualified provider. You can rest assured we will make the process seamless, streamlined, and headache free. Services available include provider enrollment applications, group enrollment applications, CAQH maintenance, payer plan midstream follow-ups, payer plan audits, and payer plan change requests.
Licensure services
Our team of veteran credentialing and enrollment professionals can support or fully supplant your organization’s efforts to apply for provider licenses in just one state—or all 50—for both physicians and non-physicians requiring state licensure. You can rely on us to quickly and expertly navigate the requirements and keep your organization in compliance.
Committee management support
We can help you navigate the complexities of credentials committee functions. Our team will coordinate meetings, prepare an agenda, and assemble the required documentation for review. Our services focus on the administrative support organizations need to ensure the proper functions and due diligence of a credentials committee.
Delegated credentialing agreements
Reduce the administrative and operating burden of submitting hundreds of provider applications individually. With our expert consulting, we work with qualified organizations to transition models of enrollment from non-delegated to delegated through credentialing program development, payer outreach, and pre-delegation audit support. Resulting in 75% reduction in enrollment times, delegation with payers allows organizations to realize revenue quickly and get providers bedside in shorter timeframes.
Hospital privilege application process
Our expert enrollment team manages the entire provider privileging process on your behalf. We prepare hospital specific applications, complete follow up with the medical staff services, and manage provider appointment and reappointment cycles.
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See what our customers are saying about symplr CVO Services

In just 11 weeks, symplr’s enrollment team assisted us in getting over $2 million in backlogged billings submitted to payers.

symplr CVO assisted with license requirements research and contributed to the improvement of our internal licensing process, remaining attentive, professional, and flexible in response to shifting priorities along the way.

symplr has successfully tackled our most complicated practice structures...the depth and breadth of their team has been instrumental in our growth and success. I highly recommend their services and partnership.


Proven credentialing software + CVO services

Experience the combined power of proven provider credentialing software and 400+ CVO specialists with the symplr Credentialing Suite. Gain access to unmatched tools and seasoned experts to expedite provider onboarding, privileging, and payer enrollment—without adding staff.


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