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Proactively manage safety-related events and activities, and build a culture of safety

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     90% reduction in time spent on reporting  

     • 45% reduction in time spent managing and tracking                           compliance issues

     • 1 external risk assessment avoided

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50% of patient harm incurred in hospitals is preventable 

Attempting to build a system-wide culture of safety can be daunting amid mounds of data, disengaged providers, and a lack of standardized workflows. And managing patient safety using manual, siloed methods is not only unsustainable but is risky. 

With $19.5B+ healthcare dollars attributed to medical errors, hospitals can’t afford to operate without the knowledge, tools, and data required to improve patient safety and avoid crippling fines 

What if you could capture incidents, manage workflows, monitor safety improvements, and provide analytics, all within a digital, blame-free reporting environment?

symplr Safety makes it easy for users to follow up on reported incidents using unique workflows to track events, complaints, or recommendations from original analysis to outcome. 


Improve patient safety and decrease risk with software designed for ease of use


Address the root cause of safety incidents

Conduct and manage root cause analysis within the system to learn from the event/incident circumstances to better prevent similar events/incidents from occurring in the future.

Gain a proactive, holistic view of organizational risk

Manage policies and procedures to improve safety culture based on data from symplr Compliance Risk Assessments and Incident analysis.

Put the spotlight on risk to avoid harm

Proactively prevent incidents from occurring in the first place through periodic education with staff, internal auditing such as environment of care reviews or rounding exercises, capturing Safety Committee meetings, and more.

Learn how features of symplr Safety can help your team have transparency and insight into safety incident

Learn how features of symplr Safety can help your team have transparency and insight into safety incidents.

Streamlined data tracking

Those who take the time to report safety incidents don’t want to fill out lengthy, complicated forms. Optimize your forms for unique audiences using dynamic work paths that adjust in real-time based on the information being entered.

Accountable safety management

Define individual or team tasks and responsibilities to mitigate safety incidents, resolve actions more efficiently, and ensure accountability. With enterprise-wide oversight, you can track all task activities in real-time to stay on schedule, hit deadlines, and collaborate effectively with teammates and auditors.

Always-on global incident submission and tracking

Capture round-the-clock, enterprise-wide incident submissions and allow reporters to track the status of their incidents from almost any device, using our built-in ticketing system.

Flexible fields tailored for your organization

Customize system fields with terminology your staff knows so they can effectively communicate useful information to investigators when submitting a safety incident. Easily update forms and templates as your organizational requirements evolve.

Documentation and incident follow-up

Stay proactive with status updates as an incident moves through your workflow, following the rules you specify. Determine which notifications are sent to which stakeholders at key milestones, route them according to your approval process, and follow-up on reported incidents with ease.

Line of sight made simple

Scheduled reports keep upper management or board members automatically informed, so they can monitor safety initiatives, discover trends, prioritize risks, review KPIs, and more effectively evaluate outcomes.

We can help you reach your safety goals

With symplr Safety, you can gain 100% transparency into event and incident capture, patient complaints, safety analytics, managed workflows, ongoing safety monitoring, and more. 

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What our healthcare partners are saying

Not only can you build it to accommodate your needs, but it’s user friendly for frontline staff, with not a lot of training required. And on the back side, with templates, directors find it easy to use because it populates their dashboard. They can go in and conduct investigations and follow-up action plans.
Karen Labonte, MSN, RN
Chief Nursing Officer, Southwest Health




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