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Incident Management for Patient Safety

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Despite healthcare’s collective safety efforts, medical error statistics today are alarming. Did you know that medical mistakes rank as the third leading cause of death in the US?

Incident management strives to improve safety and quality by collecting, analyzing, and reporting data to learn from mistakes.

This eBook provides an in-depth look at characteristics of a modern, digital incident management program, and:

  • List the components of a complete incident management strategy
  • Describes initiatives that promote transparency and reporting
  • Outlines best practices to manage and analyze incidents
  • Covers 4 analytical methods for reported incidents
  • Cites tips on how to capitalize on insights from incident management

What constitutes a "complete structure" for incident management?

From occurrence to optimization, follow these best practices to manage and analyze incidents.

The Incident Management eBook includes:

  • The difference between incident management and incident reporting
  • How to use retrospective and prospective approaches to systematic analyses of incidents and near incidents
  • Features of a robust incident management platform
  • Best practices along 6 key points of a structured approach to incident management

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