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Optimize healthcare sourcing across the spend ecosystem

We help you navigate the complexities of spend management

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Navigate growth capital or construction decisions with support
Rely on our expert team for custom analyses, facilities planning, or expansion support, so your health system makes the right decisions at the right time.
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Get a 360-degree view of your data
Integrate multiple quantitative and qualitative data sources into an easy-to-use dashboard that gives big-picture views of the information you need for capital budgeting and sourcing.
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Recapture funds hidden in your equipment inventory
Expand your options for the inventory, disposal, and sale of medical equipment, and replace faulty or inadequate technology to remain efficient and competitive.
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Better healthcare decisions require better data

Achieving savings targets with limited data, time, and resources can feel like a near-impossible mission. Whether it's building ROI estimates for high-profile capital projects, evaluating the merits of a new MRI machine, or reconciling past technology investments with patient outcomes data and reimbursement, making these determinations without the right information can lead to more inefficiencies and increased spend.

symplr's sourcing and negotiation solutions and services help health systems align strategic and clinical priorities with the realities of capital planning, research, and approvals. We assemble multiple data sources—from evidence-based research and secondary market benchmarks, to our proprietary capital purchasing insights—into a single platform that delivers maximum visibility into your sourcing projects.

Align strategic priorities with capital planning realities

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Achieve savings targets and recoup budgetary shortfalls
symplr’s sourcing and negotiation solutions and services improve our health system customers’ net operating margins by an average of 3-5%.
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Gain insight into capital purchasing risks and opportunities
We integrate multiple quantitative and qualitative data sources into an easy-to-use dashboard for more collaborative and transparent capital budgeting and sourcing.
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Get a 360-degree view before each purchase
Your advantage is an advanced, end-to-end healthcare supply chain workflow solution that captures purchase price, configuration, service contracts, leasing considerations, and ROI over time.


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