Build a Business Case for CVO Services with Our Help

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Understand the ROI of proven CVO services: Verification, enrollment, licensure, and more. 

Newly hired clinicians can't serve patients or members until credentialing and enrollment are complete, and then these essential checks must occur at reappointment or renewal. Expanding your telehealth programs? Providers may need additional state licensures as well. 

To keep costly mistakes at bay, healthcare organizations require healthcare-specific, flexible credentials verification organization (CVO) services that streamline operations and grow revenue while improving care quality and patient outcomes. 

symplr partnered with Hobson & Company (H&C), a leading research firm focused on return on investment (ROI) studies, to explore market challenges and learn how industry leaders are responding—and we’re sharing the research results with you.   

Download this free guide to learn how delegating one or more functions to a CVO delivers a quick and compelling ROI:  

  • Using symplr CVO, a health plan avoided hiring the nine additional FTEs that would have been required to support its increased workload 
  • symplr’s CVO services gave a 15-location medical group in the southeastern U.S. the ability to stem lost revenue in unpaid claims, according to its CFO 
  • Using symplr CVO, a health system with 800 practitioners and an annual investment of $175,000 would generate a positive return in fewer than two months and a one-year ROI of more than 860%, with annual benefits exceeding $1.6 million