Healthcare Operations Software for the Enterprise

Drive up financial performance by improving operational efficiency and reducing risk

Improve efficiency across your enterprise, from recruiting to credentialing to workforce management to supply chain and quality of care. 

At Luminis Health, we put in place innovative approaches to address rising staffing costs.  To reduce costs without compromising service, we analyzed spending at the cost center level, discovering that we were inefficient across the system and uncovering huge savings opportunities. Our teams adopted new operating measures, saving millions of dollars.  We’re also proactively promoting our culture so that more people want to stay. 

Kevin L. Smith, CFO, SSM Health

Fomer CFO of Luminis Health

Standardize on a common healthcare operations software to optimize your care-supportive processes

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Control labor expense

Improve retention through a better workforce management experience. 

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Improve revenue flow

Reduce credentialing cycle time for clinicians through automated, cloud-based workflows. 

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Control supplier costs

Implement evidence-based supplier product evaluation to gain the most value. 

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Reduce risk

Lower the likelihood of CMS penalties and Joint Commission fines through improved compliance management.

Partner with a leader whose connected solutions will get your operations humming and in sync, driving efficiency and reducing risk

symplr's healthcare IT solutions help your operations run more smoothly, while helping clinicians avoid burnout and improving patient care

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Keep labor cost under control while optimizing staff levels to meet patient-care needs

Your staff is your largest spend.  Without them, you can’t deliver care.  And losing them drives up your labor spend. 

Workforce management software not purpose-built for healthcare exacerbates the problem. Your partner needs to know state-level nurse/patient ratios, labor union payment rules and more.   

symplr’s workforce management software is best-in-class, recognized by KLAS for 20 years as the leader.  Let us help keep your teams engaged and delivering great care -- and labor spend in check. 

CEO CFO - Provider Data MGMT

Increase utilization, reduce billing delays, and speed up the revenue cycle

Your providers generate up to $9,000 in revenue per provider per day. With the average time to credential and privilege new providers at over 100 days, delays impact top-line revenue. 

symplr Provider saves health systems an average of 26 days in that cycle.  You’re a financial leader.  You can do the math to see how much such a reduction can impact your health system’s top line. 

Bill submission can be delayed by inaccurate data.  symplr Directory’s provider data management platform makes keeping all provider data accurate – badged, referring, affiliated – more efficient. 

CEO CFO - Spend

Control supplier inflation with evidence-based purchasing decisions

Medical supply chain inflation was 4.2% in 2023 – and is expected to increase during 2024.  

But there’s a powerful new tool your supply chain teams must deploy to rein in inflation.  And keep your ever-demanding doctors – who want the latest toys – happy.  It’s called value analysis. 

symplr Spend gives supply chain managers a new power - to make transparent, evidence-based product decisions.  This solution ensures thorough evaluations of clinicians’ requests for new medical technology, devices, and suppliers.  It gives your buyers direct access to safety and adverse event data, pricing, clinical evidence, and more. 

You’ll achieve a rare feat – controlled supply chain costs, happier supply chain teams and happier doctors.  How could life be better? 

CCO Conflict of Interest

Stay on top of the complexity of a growing regulatory environment

Proactively mitigating risk for most organizations is a pipe dream.   It’s difficult enough just developing, much less tracking, policies and processes, so you’re complying with the over 600 ever-changing CMS regulations. Add in pressure to contain costs and do more with fewer resources, and the tasks become even more formidable. 

symplr partners with compliance organizations to ensure that financial leaders sleep better at night.  Our automated, centralized solutions keep your teams up to date with changes and expose compliance and penalty risks for all contractual relationships in an organization. 

Look who’s achieving better outcomes with symplr

I use the Issue and Action Management module for all of my projects to help track all of the incidents we are working on. symplr makes us much more efficient and saves us time.

Compliance Manager

10-Location Health System of Federally Qualified Health Centers in the Western U.S.
Healthcare is complicated, and workforce management is one of the most complicated systems there is. Tracking time and all the pieces involved requires software that can navigate the unique demands of healthcare. At symplr, we are proud to provide healthcare-specific solutions to manage the complexities of timekeeping and scheduling, freeing up nurses to have more time for patient care. 

Karlene Kerfoot, PhD, RN, FAAN

Chief Nursing Officer, symplr
Greater collaboration between clinical and supply chain leadership is needed to ensure all teams are working together to deliver value and ensure the patient is at the center of everything we doAt our organization, we prioritize creating cross-functional teams, including clinical representation, to unify stakeholders, ensure voices are heard, and find solutions that provide clinical and financial value. Breaking down silos starts with conversations that build trust and peer-to-peer discussions that weave expertise together, providing the foundation for impactful change. 

Jamie Ott

Vice President of Spend Management | The University of Kansas Health System


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