Contingent Talent Management | Platform Portals

Mobile platform access for the contingent workforce, client facilities, and subcontract suppliers

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Workforce Portal

A single mobile account with configurable applicant and worker experiences. 

Applicant Experience

Applicant experience is designed to focus candidates on the process of submitting a streamlined package of information and documentation so that agency can make a go forward onboarding decision. The CTM rules engine allows these experiences to be defined by applicant discipline, specialty, and agency business unit, allowing a per diem applicant to be treated different than a travel assignment candidate. 

  • Healthcare specific application
  • Upload credential data and documents
  • Complete clinically validated skills checklists, competency tests and mandatory in-services
  • Sign electronic documents 
  • Convey staffing and assignment preferences
Healthcare worker experience 

Updating from applicant to worker experience exposes an expanded set of features that enables a contingent workforce to participate multiple shift staffing and contract assignment workflows. 

  • Calendar per diem staffing with automated match alerts that drive shift requests and self-scheduling
  • Travel and contract job searches with submission requests 
  • Shift pay and contract compensation packages with GSA integration
  • Assignment contract offers and electronic signature
  • Geofenced timecard punches with mobile facility approval 
  • Skill Checklists, Competency Testing, and mandatory in-services 
  • Electronic document review and signatures  
  • Credentials profile management 
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Vendor Portal

Empower vendors with self-serve, permission-based access.


CTM VMS/MSP module includes a mobile vendor portal, giving your subcontractors configurable access to authorized parts of the solution, allowing them to participate in staffing programs to which they are assigned. 

  • Submit candidates for per diem shifts and contract assignments
  • Fully integrated into the CTM Platform credential requirement engine
  • Manage subcontract workers' mobile schedules, mobile time submission, and approval
  • Review and approve timecards collected on CTM’s Workforce Portal. 
  • Manage workers’ profiles and credentials
  • Run staffing and utilization reports. 
  • Automate using APIs and Webhooks
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Client Facility Portal

Mobile access for clients with system-wide visibility and access to the staffing and need fulfillment process. 

Empower permissioned customers to participate in the staffing process. 

  • Create, confirm filled and managed per diem and travel assignment orders
  • View and manage contingent worker schedules
  • Review and approve timecards. 
  • Access worker history and credentials 
  • Conduct worker evaluations
  • Access staffing and utilization reports 
  • Healthcare specific application.
  • Upload credential data and documents
  • Complete clinically validated skills checklists, competency tests and mandatory in-services
  • Sign electronic documents
  • Convey staffing and assignment preferences

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