Making the Business Case for Recruitment Marketing

Understand the ROI of recruitment marketing in healthcare

In today’s competitive labor market, adopting innovative staffing techniques like recruitment marketing pushes your healthcare organization to the front of the line in attracting top talent to care for your patients and residents. This strategy can also improve time-to-fill and reduce turnover, bringing clear financial and performance benefits to your hospital, senior care community, or agency.

Recruitment marketing helps you build a competent workforce over time, allowing you to hire quality talent faster. With employer branding tools and sourcing/CRM technology to help with database management and candidate engagement, there are many reasons to put recruitment marketing tactics into action now.

Download this free guide to understand the benefits of this hiring method and to learn how to incorporate it into your overall hiring strategy. Topics covered include:

  • The ROI of recruitment marketing in healthcare
  • Benefits of developing a strong brand
  • Employer branding tools and when to use them
  • How to use technology for candidate engagement