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Find, Hire, and Keep Qualified Talent

Transform your talent acquisition strategy and processes

Turn recruiters into talent advisors
No colleges offer a bachelor’s degree in recruiting or sourcing. But our robust, structured training and certification programs educate recruiters of all levels. Get your toolkit for success on key topics like sourcing, how to increase efficiency, and more.
Fill roles faster with qualified candidates
Match applicants’ work preferences with your current job openings. This helps you improve processing speed, so that your team can focus on high-volume openings with low availability of qualified talent.
Deliver a candidate experience that attracts top talent
Use leading recruitment marketing techniques to attract, engage, and build relationships with the most qualified talent in the areas where you seek professionals.

Talent acquisition solutions for hospitals and providers

In a competitive market, your talent acquisition team faces significant challenges. According to a recent survey, it takes an average of 131 days—approximately four months—to fill 26% of your healthcare positions.¹

With our Talent Acquisition solutions, you can improve your time-to-fill, even for the hardest-to-fill positions. Optimize your workflows with proven techniques to efficiently source and recruit quality candidates. Reduce new hire turnover by predicting applicants’ likelihood for job success, service excellence, and long-term retention.

Âą2021. Lean Human Capital by HealthcareSource. 2021 Healthcare Recruitment Metrics Benchmark Study.

Nurture top talent to deepen relationships and build your brand
Build a strong employer brand and a pipeline of engaged talent using candidate relationship management techniques. Attract, engage, and convert passive talent into active applicants who seamlessly progress into our applicant tracking system.
Create a customized career website and application process
Because a candidate’s first look at your employer brand matters, you need to put your best foot forward. Wow prospective candidates with captivating content that inspires them to want to work at your company, and then watch your application rates rise.
Drive better results with analytics and accessible data insights
Within a single solution, get real-time, reliable insights across your hiring process. Turn data into action with out-of-the-box dashboards to highlight the most important talent acquisition KPIs. Automatic alerts help identify issues and opportunities impacting your talent pipeline.


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Background Checking Partners
Enables Recruiters, Hiring Managers to More Easily Evaluate Candidates' Backgrounds
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Making the Business Case for Recruitment Marketing
Talent Acquisition Solution
Find, Hire, and Keep Qualified Talent with symplr

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