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Using analytics for smarter sourcing and hiring decisions

The environment for talent acquisition (TA) is getting more difficult and competitive for healthcare organizations looking to hire new employees. The challenges multiply with the increased risk of talent movement—75% of healthcare workers will be leaving the healthcare profession by 20251.

Data-driven methods can provide crucial insights for enhancing business and operational outcomes. Whether it’s better awareness of talent pipeline, process and technology optimization, or increased understanding of talent acquisitions impact on the business, analytics is a powerful force in the quest to source and hire top talent.

The impact of talent analytics on business outcomes is significant, and establishing this capability can increase the value of talent acquisition and the HR functions to the organization.

The majority of businesses lack the necessary tools to pinpoint issues and possible solutions to their recruiting challenges. Addressing this capability gap is a business imperative, given the need to effectively manage staffing and meet operational goals.

symplr Talent Analytics helps your organization make smart strategic business decisions, by enabling you to better understand and communicate your talent story with data in your quest to find and hire top talent.

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Talent Analytics Platform

Uncover Actionable Insights
The Talent Analytics dashboard can be used to spot trends, identify recruiting bottlenecks, and pinpoint areas that need improvement.
Actionable insights right out of the box
Turn your talent data into action with pre-built interactive dashboards show TA KPIs across a range of topics to identify opportunities for improvement and optimization.
Explore and compare data
Transform complex talent data into secure, self-service answers that help you and your stakeholders make better sense of the data. This way you can pinpoint where trends are occurring and identify their underlying drivers.

Premium Analytics

Accelerate the delivery of insights and collaborate with ease using the advanced self-service data preparation capabilities of Premium Talent Analytics to tell your talent data story, your way.
More pre-built content
Start with more guidebooks to understand insights into how volumes of applicant supply and requisition demand has changed over a period and how you can improve the diversity of your applicants.
Deeper exploration
Get further in-depth analyses to the current state of the hiring funnel for critical positions and allows you to dive deeper into trends and insights.
Create and capture your own analyses
Utilize customized reports and dynamic dashboards with real-time data to drill down and fine-tune your analysis to tell your talent data story.
Easily share and schedule analyses
Create basic or complex, rule based, email delivery schedules to automatically push relevant data and insights to your stakeholders’ inbox at the right moment to keep them in the loop.
Explore the Basic Vs. Premium Analytics Difference

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