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When it comes to credentialing, one size doesn’t fit all

Manage safe, compliant access for everyone who makes your hospital or care facility work—from contractors and volunteers to students and translators —scalable credentialing that works for your organization.

Are your policies, processes, and compliance mechanisms being upheld by everyone visiting your facility?

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A one-size-fits-all approach to credentialing creates friction.

When it comes to credentialing, one size and one subscription level really does not fit all. Hospitals and health systems rely on an ecosystem of contractors, volunteers, and other essential workers to function. Managing and verifying credential requirements for every type of individual who requires authorized access to your facilities can quickly become overwhelming without the right tools in place, and the stakes are high... 

Non-compliance is non-negotiable

If just one of these individuals lacks a proper background check, the healthcare organization could be liable for noncompliance penalties, with cascading effects.  

By relying on the contracted party to conduct due diligence, health systems expose themselves to compliance risk and jeopardize the safety of their patients and staff. 

A consistent approach to access management 

So how can an organization efficiently manage access for these populations while maintaining compliance and safety? Organizations today need a strategic approach, one founded on standardization to ensure consistency across the enterprise while focusing on unique requirements that make sense for different populations and their levels of patient access.  

Use a single platform for all your credentialed stakeholders

Securely manage all relationships and protect compliance
In the same centralized platform used to credential vendors and manage visitor access, gain unmatched visibility into non-vendor rep credentials, activities, and backgrounds so you’re never in the dark when it comes to ensuring compliance and safe access for your facility, staff, and patients 
Protect bandwidth and resourcing constraints 
Guided by leading practices, automated tools, and ongoing support, eliminate the busy work and burden of managing complex credentialing processes for diverse groups.   
Customize credentials based on patient access
Build policies and credentialing requirements based on patient access levels. From built-in background checks, OIG screening, and general liability insurance to immunizations and training, ensure the populations accessing your facility have the necessary credentials that adhere to your organization’s policies. 

Stay ahead of compliance risks

Built-in background checks
Annual background checks and monthly OIG compliance healthcare exclusion screenings are included at no additional cost, so you can protect your people and ensure ongoing compliance to CSM-administered programs, such as Medicaid and Medicare. 
Real-time compliance tracking
Real-time dashboards give you complete visibility into credentialing data and compliance status of individuals so you can quickly demonstrate compliance and answer auditor questions.
Custom access criteria
Contractors, students, volunteers, educators, etc. require unique credentials, depending on the level of patient exposure and facility preferences. Easily create and enforce access requirements that are responsive to different groups with custom criteria. 
Integrated with vendor credentialing and visitor management
Managing facility access for all is challenging enough without siloed processes and platforms. General Credentialing integrates with symplr’s vendor credentialing and visitor management solutions to ensure one source of truth for strengthened compliance. 
Seamless registration process
Hospitals can easily define general credentialing groups and manage targeted invites to fulfill requirements. Through a guided, straightforward registration workflow, individuals follow a simple, 4-step process to quickly gain compliance.  
Access on-the-go
Quickly see who’s on-site and in compliance right from your smartphone. symplr's mobile app also allows on-the-go access for your general credentialing individuals so they can quickly and conveniently manage their credentials and check in quickly without disrupting processes.

See the power of General Credentialing

Ready to centralize credentialing across your diverse populations to protect compliance? Schedule your custom demo to discover how we can help you reinforce safety while mitigating financial and compliance risk. 

Learn from our General Credentialing customers

symplr provides an incredibly well thought out package. Their detailed real-time and historical data helps ensure accountability and transparency.

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