Conflict of Interest Disclosures: Best Practices for Healthcare Compliance

60 minutes

View our panel discussion on best practices for managing the Conflict of Interest process.   

How proactive is your organization at surveying and identifying Conflict of Interest (COI) across your healthcare organization? Are you confident that your COI process is effective at uncovering potential conflicts? How can you maximize your time and resources to appropriately send COI surveys, analyze the responses, and address reported conflicts?  

View our roundtable discussion, hear from our panel of experts, and learn best practices and insights on the COI process for healthcare compliance. You will hear directly from healthcare leaders on how they address COI, who they target within their organization, and what’s worked well to achieve successful COI reviews. 

Topics discussed included:

  • Who to target related to COI
  • How to successfully deploy COI surveys
  • Insight into best practices for successful COI reviews
  • Pitfalls to avoid 


Headshot photo of Lynne Rinehimer, Esq.

Lynne Rinehimer, Esq.

Senior Solutions Consultant, symplr

With 24 years of experience, Lynne's expertise in healthcare compliance and regulatory content helps symplr customers evolve their risk assessment programs.

Headshot photo of Cheryl Rasbach, MBA, CHC, CPC-P

Cheryl Rasbach, MBA, CHC, CPC-P

Chief Compliance Officer, Regional One Health

With more than 20 years of experience in healthcare and 10 specifically in compliance, Cheryl Rasbach leads her organization's compliance and privacy programs.

Headshot photo of Laura Pruett

Laura Pruett

Research Compliance Administrator, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

Laura is an expert on managing the COI process, disclosure, and its impact on compliance.

Headshot photo of Sherri D’Anna, BSBA, CPCO

Sherri D’Anna, BSBA, CPCO

Senior Compliance Specialist, Tampa General Hospital

Sherri is an experienced Compliance Officer and Operations Manager with a demonstrated history working in healthcare.