Marathon or Sprint? Strategic Leadership in Healthcare Operations with the CEOs of symplr & Fortune


Missed our live webinar featuring Alan Murray, CEO of Fortune Media, and BJ Schaknowski, CEO of symplr? Don’t worry – the insights and strategies they shared about leading healthcare into 2024 are just a click away.
In this compelling session, we explored the convergence of business trends with strategic leadership and operational effectiveness in healthcare. From the challenges of tight margins and workforce shortages to the potential of innovative software solutions, this event covered it all.

What You'll Discover:

  • Top issues leaders foresee in the future of healthcare operations
  • Strategies to balance human-centric approaches with operational efficiency.
  • The role of technology, including AI, in revolutionizing patient care and healthcare systems.
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BJ Schaknowski

CEO, symplr
BJ Schaknowski is a seasoned software industry executive and now brings his dedication to creating balanced value and outcomes for employees, customers, and ...

Alan Murray

CEO, Fortune Media
Alan Murray oversees the business and editorial operations of Fortune Media and is known for expanding its digital and conference franchises.