symplr x Komen - Joining the mission to end breast cancer

On-demand webinar

In this on-demand webinar, join symplr CEO BJ Schaknowski and Paula Schneider, Susan G. Komen president and CEO, for a fireside chat. They’ll discuss the companies' successful partnership in making strides against breast cancer. In addition, Schaknowski will share why symplr decided to partner with Komen in the first place. The leadership chat will be facilitated by symplr’s Chief Marketing Officer, Kristin Russel.



Headshot photo of BJ Schaknowski

BJ Schaknowski

CEO, symplr

Headshot photo of Kristin Russel

Kristin Russel

CMO, symplr

Headshot photo of  Paula Schneider

Paula Schneider

Susan G. Komen president and CEO