Onboarding Providers Post-COVID-19: Uniting Credentialing, Recruitment, HR, and Provider Enrollment

Webinar: 60 minutes


Streamlining provider onboarding process

This solutions-oriented program examines the goals, objectives, and interactions between the major stakeholders in the credentialed provider onboarding process. Opportunities for synergies will be discussed and ideas for eliminating duplication will be explored.

In this webinar you will learn:

  1. Why it is important for key stakeholders in Credentialing, Recruitment, Human Resources, and Provider Enrollment to have a working knowledge of what each entity does

  2. One thing that can be done at your facility to improve communication between Human Resources, Credentialing, Enrollment, and Recruitment

  3. How the provider onboarding experience can be improved when Human Resources, Credentialing, Enrollment, and Recruitment work together



Barb Warstler, MBA, CPMSM, FASPR
Associate Vice President, Client Relations, The Hardenbergh Group

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