Building a Digital House with symplr Directory

60 minutes

Manual processes. Siloed data. Resource-heavy technology. Are these factors slowing down your digital transformation efforts or limiting the impact of your digital front door? If so, this webinar is for you.

Learn how your organization can automate workflows, integrate data, and reduce reliance on IT by taking a digital house approach. After watching this webinar, you will understand:

  1. The definition and framework for the digital house

  2. How to take health system products, services, and inventory best to market utilizing a digital house’s architecture

  3. What key infrastructure is needed to offer your patients a best-in-class experience

Plus, you’ll get to see a preview of symplr Directory, our solution for creating a strong foundation for your digital house.



Keith Belton

Vice President of Partnerships, symplr
In his role as VP of partnerships for symplr, oversees strategic relationships with healthcare software firms.

Adam Derocher

Solution Executive, symplr
With over 15 years of business development experience, Adam currently serves as a Solution Executive focused on the symplr Directory solution.