The Path to a Better Credentialing Process & Delegation Strategy

60 minutes
Healthcare organizations are looking to reduce administrative burdens and make processes more efficient. Increasingly, they're delegating the credentialing process, which has evolved to become a collaborative effort between health systems, provider networks, and health plans. When done right, credentialing delegation is a quicker, more reliable, and less burdensome way to verify providers' qualifications. View this webinar to learn about the value of credentialing delegation and how to get started.

Topics covered include:
  • The impact of non-delegated enrollment on operations, revenue cycle, and data management
  • The risks and benefits of credentialing delegation
  • Steps to establish a credentialing program and a delegation strategy


Anna Arutyunyan

Vice President, symplr

Belinda Doyle-Puglisi, MSJ

Senior Director of Managed Care, RWJBarnabas Health