Back to the Future: Transforming your supply chain beyond an emergent, transactional model

60 minutes

Across the supply chain landscape - from capital equipment requisition and new product introduction to purchased services and contracting – today’s healthcare supply chain professionals are faced with unprecedented challenges.  

So how can supply chains strategically transform to move from an emergent state to a sustainable model without letting the ball drop on short-term priorities?  

Watch the roundtable discussion moderated by AHRMM’s 2023 George R. Gossett Leadership Award Recipient, Dee Donatelli, as our industry experts discuss:

  • Strategies to address spend reduction in the midst of unprecedented challenges.
  • Reframing processes and procedures to prioritize resiliency as a key driver for success.
  • Tools and tips for gaining stakeholder alignment and creating a united front for implementing evidence-based changes.   

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Dee Donatelli, RN, BSN, MBA

Senior Director, Spend Management, symplr
AHRMM’s 2023 George R. Gossett Leadership Award recipient and AHVAP’s 2022 Brooke Berson Founder’s Award recipient

Dawn Plimmer

Director, Purchased Services at symplr

Brandon Baca

VP - Vendor Negotiation Service

Ashley Brand, BSN, RN, CVAHP

Senior Manager Evidence Research at symplr