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Thank you for downloading the  Virus Scare, or Virus Share? Tracking COVID-19 Quality Measures  webinar with speaker Sharon Beckwith and Joni Orand. 


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After listening to this webinar you will be able to:  

  • Learn how disasters, emergencies, viruses and more can be tracked in Quality

  • Suggest types and categories of measures and indicators and the best to track

  • Discuss how can we utilize this in the Peer Review and evaluation of a provider
  • Review best practices from symplr hospital customers

About the speaker, Sharon Beckwith

Ms. Beckwith brings more than 20 years of leadership experience to MDReview. Ms. Beckwith has cultivated a unique combination of experience in executive management as well as extensive expertise in the area of physician peer review and medical staff management, working daily with hospital clients to understand and meet their medical staff, quality improvement, risk management and peer review challenges. In recent years, she has presented nationally to several medical staff services associations. Ms. Beckwith is a graduate of the University of California, Santa Barbara.


About the speaker, Joni Orand, Senior Solution Consultant

Joni Orand has worked in the healthcare industry for 28 years in both managed care and hospital environments, working with providers and staff gaining unparalleled experience in all aspects of provider management and quality improvement initiatives. She holds a degree in Corporate Communications, with minors in Interpersonal Communication and International Studies in Communications. Joni is a certified trainer, speaker and coach, and is known for helping, educating, and supporting clients as they develop quality improvement plans. Currently working as a Senior Solution Consultant for symplr, Joni speaks as a Subject Matter Expert at industry events.

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