symplr Spend

Automate value analysis for transparent, evidence-based decisions

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symplr Spend

Automate value analysis for transparent, evidence-based decisions

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We help you navigate the complexities of spend management


Automate and standardize spend management

Digitally transform new product introductions and decision making while ensuring compliance with system-wide policies.


Understand total value with comprehensive product data

Accurately assess products' clinical merit via direct access to data on safety, reimbursement, regulations, pricing, contracting, and evidence. 


Research, compare products using fewer resources

Easily aggregate and compare data to select products based on evidence. With a few clicks, gain side-by-side product comparisons to save time. 

Make better healthcare technology decisions with our software and guidance 

We understand that a new product is not just a device; it’s an instrument that impacts costs, quality, and patient outcomes. That’s why we’re on a mission to help health systems make defensible decisions and get life-saving technology into the hands of providers faster using fewer resources. 

GreenLight Medical, now a part of symplr Spend, equips health systems with the strategic tools, automation, and product data insights needed to properly evaluate new medical technology. We connect key hospital stakeholders with physicians and clinicians, while supporting a clinically integrated supply chain. 

In one integrated ecosystem, we bring together clinical evidence, safety, regulatory, recall, reimbursement, pricing, and contract data so you can confidently evaluate and select new medical technology. 


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Chart a course to collaborative value improvement


Streamline and standardize new product requests

Maintain one centralized digital entry point for new product requests. Then share data transparently to accelerate team understanding and accountability.   

Drive physician engagement and clinical alignment

Empower physicians with mobile-friendly, cloud access to new product requests, discussions, decision-making tools, clinical evidence, and product research. 

Make smarter product decisions, faster

Built-in operational reporting, financial understanding, safety alerts, and clinical evidence strengthens your team’s value analysis approach.

Create a complete vendor management ecosystem

symplr Access

Ensure the vendors you work with and the products your clinicians use are safe, reliable, and properly evaluated to drive optimal patient care. Ensure compliance along the way with a direct integration to symplr Access for holistic vendor management.
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symplr Contract

Centralize contracts in a single, global contract repository that serves ​ as the compliant source of truth for the entire organization. The result: Make better purchasing decisions with symplr Contract.
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