Strategic, clinical sourcing and spend management software

Make evidence-based, clinical sourcing decisions across your healthcare supply chain.  

symplr Spend drives clinical engagement, supplier and vendor compliance, and accelerated purchasing decisions with automated supply chain management workflows and a database of aggregated, objective product data on over 300,000 SKUs.  

On average, symplr Spend customers experience:


Vendor compliance

Physician participation

Cost avoidance
per facility

29 day
Avg throughput time on product decisons

With a spend management and value analysis solution built specifically for healthcare, you’ll get access to automated decision support workflows + the evidence, safety, regulatory, recall, financial, comparative, and contract data you need to properly evaluate medical technology.

Bring together new product requests, aggregated product research, and collaborative product evaluations to ensure value-based purchasing decisions for your healthcare facility.  

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Explore healthcare supply chain management solutions

Streamline your value analysis process while prioritizing strategic sourcing initiatives

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Make strategic purchasing decisions, faster

With standardized, centralized new product requests and on-demand workflows, efficiently introduce and manage new products or new medical technology.
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Drive physician engagement and clinical alignment

Build a clinically integrated supply chain that drives physician engagement using clinical alignment tools and objective, aggregated product research. 
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Understand total value with comprehensive product data

Research, analyze, and compare products based on objective, aggregated data in one, centralized portal.