Clinical Alignment via Decision Support

Making expeditious, defensible new product decisions that align with value-based care and engage physicians.

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Today, the ability to make well-informed, evidence-based decisions has become one of the most important functions in every healthcare organization. However, COVID-19 exposed two fundamental realities particularly pertinent to value analysis teams and hospital leaders:     

  1. Value-based decisions cannot be made, and value-based care cannot be achieved, without high levels of clinical alignment.
  2. The majority of decision-making processes across health systems have proven to be inadequate in handling modern complexities such as mitigating risk, protecting governance, and ensuring compliance across the continuum.

As a result, this paper explores how to involve the right people, at the right time, and in the right capacity to approach evidence-based decision making within a digital framework. Key to this discussion is how clinical evidence and operational data combined can be a foundation for clinical alignment.